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Original Thread: Whores and Horses, Let's Play GUN!


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Whores and Horses, Let's Play GUN!

What is GUN?

Wikipedia posted:

A gun is a particular weapon that propels projectiles.

oh shit wrong wikipedia article

Wikipedia posted:

Gun is a Revisionist Western-themed video game developed by Neversoft. It was published by Activision for the Xbox, Xbox 360, GameCube, PC, PSP and PlayStation 2. Gun was released in North America on November 8, 2005, and in mid-to late November in Europe. Since October 13, 2006, the game has also been available to buy on Valve's content delivery platform, Steam. A port of the console version was released for PlayStation Portable on October 10, 2006. It features new side-missions, a multiplayer mode, and other additions to the console versions. Gun is set in the American Old West, specifically Arizona, Kansas, Montana and New Mexico in the year 1880.

Shorter answer: Grand Theft Auto in the West.

What's gonna go down in this thread?
Well, I'm playing through the game on Insane difficulty, which is the hardest. I'll also be trying to do 100% of the side missions. So basically I'll probably kill myself by the end of the thread.

Who are you guys?
We're some people everyone hates, you may recognize us from Let's Play San Andreas, Let's Play GTA3, Let's Play Just Cause, and Let's Play Simpsons Hit & Run. The members consist of CherryDoom, Dr Roosevelt, Drakkel, Lava Lamp Goddess, Rock Tumbler, SovietWaffle, and myself.

Okay, so what's the update schedule look like here?
lol schedule

Enough with the questions, just show me some videos!
Alright, alright, no need to raise your voice, there are children present!


Video 1 - honest tom isnt very honest ;( Blip YouTube
Bonus - Dodge City Odd Jobs Blip YouTube
Video 2 - Grand Theft Auto Dodge City Blip YouTube
Bonus 2 - im a cop! Blip YouTube
Video 3 - killin dem injuns Blip YouTube
Bonus 3 - gold in them thar bars Blip YouTube
Video 4 - i love the hoodoo that you do! Blip YouTube
Video 5 - wild sex in the wild west Blip YouTube
Video 6 - jump cuts Blip YouTube
Video 7 - a bear dies in this video Blip YouTube
Video 8 - witty title Blip YouTube
Video 9 - explosions and gunshots Blip YouTube
Video 10 - more side missions than you can shake a stick at! Blip YouTube
Video 11 - im a dirty cheater ;( Blip YouTube
Bonus 4 - secret weapons, dont tell anyone i have them! Blip YouTube


lyrics by mobn
performed by MissileWaster

This guy is wanted.
I'm making a poster:
reward, ten bucks.
He's at the bar, subdue him
bring him back now.
Magruder's Miners
we shoot who we want
because we can,
for the good of all of us
except for injuns and Ned.
But it's no use crying
over every killed red
you just keep chugging,
whiskey makes you not dead,
Then you ride a horse far
and you burn down a bar
and get drunk at the one
that's next door.

Colton's quite angry,
but he's drinking a beer right now,
at Alhambra down the street
from the bar.
He's been shot to pieces,
pumped full of shrapnel, lead, and steel.
He's not dead because his flask
is full of grain alcohol.
Now he's killed ten creatures
on the endangered list,
and he went to Hoodoo
and made him kiss fist.
Now he dusts off his hands,
and he makes a neat plan
to go down the street
to the bar.

He runs into soapy,
they find magic cross and meet many wounds.
I wonder if those wounds are
from an axe?
They find their maguffin,
a shiny cross, for four armed guys.
Anyway, it shines from cliff
Poor Magruder's been mining
when there's climbing to do,
when I watch Cole kill him
it makes me glad I went to
the bar downtown
where I buy another round
for the people who have
gunshot wounds.

I'm so glad that I'm at the bar,
down the street from the other bar,
underneath of another bar,
across the road from that other bar,
I'm drinking hear at this bar,
at this bar,
at this bar.

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