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Part 1: Script dump

I've decided to put all the Dialogue Trees into a separate post, as there's a lot of them here. You see, the dialogue is stored as text files in a folder called 'Scripts'. I'll process them for you, but I want you have a look at what they are raw:

End of The Intro Mission posted:

Conway, this is Melanie Rooke. Selena Delgado worked for me. Do you have time to talk?

I didn't kill her!
How do you know my name?

I know you didn't kill Selena.

I just watched the footage - you walked right in front of a security camera on your way to Selena's office, after the shots were fired.

But the East Point Police won't look beyond an easy conviction. That footage puts you at the scene, and I have to turn it over to them.

I know.

It's on your profile, it's your phone's public ID, and you once gave it to me on a business card while saying "My name is Conway."

... Continue.
That could have been anyone.
I see I've underestimated you.

Why do you care?
I agree that I am boned.

I have to hand that footage over if I have it. Let's make sure I don't have it. I've wiped my copy, but my camera feeds get backed up to data centers in five different offsite locations. If you can wipe them all, you're in the clear and the police will have to find the real killer.

Selena was a friend, I want her real killer caught. In fact I want him dead, but once he's in a jail cell that becomes simpler to achieve.

Why can't you wipe it remotely?
That actually sounds fairly wise.

Head to the DataSec facility at Port Heath - I'll make sure the front door is open, but you'll have to take it from there.

If you could wipe it remotely, there wouldn't be any point in storing it remotely.


That's it. 'Them' refers to the other person in the conversation, while 'Me' is Conway. The numbers represent 'goto' statements, which allows you to create interesting backtracks. Or they should at least. Something seems off with the above. Anyways, here's the processed dialogue:

The Intro Level posted:

Melanie Rooke: Conway, this is Melanie Rooke. Selena Delgado worked for me. Do you have time to talk?

Richard Conway
  • Sure.
    • How do you know my name?
  • I didn't kill her!
  • How do you know my name?

Melanie Rooke (After asking about name): It's on your profile, it's your phone's public ID, and you once gave it to me on a business card while saying "My name is Conway."

Richard Conway:
  • ... Continue.
  • That could have been anyone.
  • I see I've underestimated you.

Melanie Rooke (After protesting innocence, or distraction into name): I know you didn't kill Selena.

Melanie Rooke: I just watched the footage - you walked right in front of a security camera on your way to Selena's office, after the shots were fired.

Melanie Rooke: But the East Point Police won't look beyond an easy conviction. That footage puts you at the scene, and I have to turn it over to them.

Richard Conway
  • Why do you care?
  • I agree that I am boned.

Melanie Rooke (Why do you care?): Selena was a friend, I want her real killer caught. In fact I want him dead, but once he's in a jail cell that becomes simpler to achieve.

Melanie Rooke (After above): I have to hand that footage over if I have it. Let's make sure I don't have it. I've wiped my copy, but my camera feeds get backed up to data centers in five different offsite locations. If you can wipe them all, you're in the clear and the police will have to find the real killer.

Richard Conway
  • Why can't you wipe it remotely?
  • That actually sounds fairly wise.

Melanie Rooke: (Why can't you wipe it remotely?): If you could wipe it remotely, there wouldn't be any point in storing it remotely.

Melanie Rooke (After the above): Head to the DataSec facility at Port Heath - I'll make sure the front door is open, but you'll have to take it from there.

Rooke: Caught on Camera posted:

Melanie Rooke: On the top floor of this building there's a bank of servers with a computer nearby. If you can get to that, you can wipe the evidence that you were at the offices when Selena was killed.

Richard Conway: How do I get in?
Melanie Rooke: I've had one of our tech guys open the front door for you - their electrical systems are hackable from here, but for obvious reasons their servers aren't.
Richard Conway: How do I wipe the data?
Melanie Rooke: I've seen your record, this'll be well within your abilities. Once you're in, the scrubber script I'm sending you will auto-wipe everything with today's date ending in .mp4.
Richard Conway: Got it.

Melanie Rooke: Good job.
Richard Conway:
  • Thanks.
  • Not particularly.
  • Walking through already open doors is my specialization.

Melanie Rooke: Our feeds are backed up at four more facilities - the others are slightly better guarded, but nothing too taxing. I'll give you the addresses in order of security since, frankly, I have no idea how good you are.
Richard Conway:
  • OK.
  • That's a slightly creepy level of micro-management, but OK.
  • Thanks for giving my personal crisis a difficulty curve.
    • Melanie Rooke: Any time.
Melanie Rooke: You'll see a mission briefing for a job on Proudmore Drive - take it.

Rooke: Guarded posted:

Melanie Rooke: The Westfield facility has better security: my guy can open the front door for you, but the door to the server room is secure. Two guards working tonight - whoever's in the the server room can probably open the door to it, so get him to do it for you.
Richard Conway: Isn't that kind of the opposite of a guard's job description?
Melanie Rooke: It is, but these guys spend more time dealing with electrical faults than professional spies. It shouldn't be hard to outwit them.
Richard Conway: Got it.

Rooke: Crossed Wires posted:

Melanie Rooke: I can't open the server room door on Ellis Street, and there are no guards working tonight. You'll have to do it yourself.

Richard Conway:
  • No problem.
    • Rooke has disconnected
  • How?
Melanie Rooke: Any building wired in the last 20 years puts everything on a single power grid. The way things are connected is all handled in software, and software can be hacked. If you've got a Crosslink, you can see all the connections and drag the around to work however you want: make a lightswitch open a door, whatever.
Richard Conway: What actually is a Crosslink?
Melanie Rooke: It's just a mod for your phone that lets you hack into building's electronics and rewire stuff. Some security geek put it out in closed beta, the only people using it are espionage operatives and asshole kids.
Richard Conway: That doesn't seem like a great security feature.
Melanie Rooke: It's not. Anyone who's actually expecting a hacker puts all their important stuff on an isolated circuit. The data here is a backup of a backup of a backup. They're more worried about hard drive failures than spies.
Richard Conway: Got it.

Rooke: Mains posted:

There is no Intro or Outro Dialogue for this mission

Rooke: Three for All posted:

Melanie Rooke: This is the last facility with a copy of the footage, but it's stored on three different servers. You'll need to get to three different terminals and hack each one.
Richard Conway:
  • Got it.
    • Rooke has disconnected
  • Are you seeing anyone about your backup addiction?
Melanie Rooke: Well, you never know when a suspected murderer is going to try systematically erasing them.
Richard Conway:
  • Fair point.
  • You do if you hired him.
  • I guess you should actually be backing up more.
Melanie Rooke: Good luck.

Melanie Rooke: Well, I think that concludes our business. There's nothing left that links you to Selena's murder, so the East Point police are going to have to look a little harder. If they don't find him, I will. And if they do, I'll know exactly where he is.
Richard Conway:
  • Good.
    • Rooke has disconnected
  • I appreciate the help, whatever the reasons.
    • Melanie Rooke: Indeed.
    • Rooke has disconnected
  • Richard Conway: Then what?
Melanie Rooke: I have a medical degree and a gun company. He's going to find out why that makes it a bad idea to kill someone I like.

Collins: innocent posted:

Katie Collins: hi! thanks so much for replying!!
Richard Conway:
  • No problem.
  • What's the situation?
  • For this money, even lower case 'I's couldn't keep me away.
    • Katie Collins: haha! sorry my typings not great, i borrowed this phone from a sex worker and i havent figured out how to do capitals on it yet
Katie Collins: my names katie collins. i work at rooke, the gun company, and my friend selena was killed last night. someones saying they saw me there, and all the security footage has been deleted!!
Richard Conway:
  • Ah.
  • Oh. Shit.
  • Wow, that's kind of a dick move by somebody.
Katie Collins: i know!! i wasnt there at all last night, but i live alone so i cant prove it without the footage.
Richard Conway: What can I do?
Katie Collins: the person saying they saw me there is melanie rookes husband, jackson. i dont wanna get anyone in trouble, but maybe you could stop by his building and just see whats going on.
Richard Conway:
  • What exactly do you need?
  • Get him in trouble? I'd want to get him in acid.
    • Katie Collins: haha! i just wanna know why he would do this, he always seemed so nice. maybe theres a reason.
  • Yes, we should be forgiving of everyone involved in this.
    • Katie Collins: yeah, he always seemed so nice so i just wanna figure out why hed do this.
    • Katie Collins: hell probably be in his office on top floor. if you can get close enough to hear what hes saying, maybe you could listen in for a clue or something
      • Richard Conway: And then throw him in some acid?
      • Katie Collins: please no acid! i just want to know whats going on
Richard Conway: Got it.
Katie Collins: thankyou so much. i hate to be a pain but i really want to get out of here. its scary.

Katie Collins: hey!! what happened, did you hear anything?
Richard Conway: He says a company called Intex have an incriminating recording of him
Katie Collins: whoa. theyre our main rivals, a big multinational company who just opened an office here in east point.
Richard Conway: Any idea why they'd be recording Jackson's phone calls?
Katie Collins: well, jackson runs his own company, but its a dummy corporation for rooke. intex would definitely want to hear his calls.

Richard Conway: Any idea what Jackson would be saying that he shouldn't?
Katie Collins: oh god. i dont wanna think it, but if hes trying to frame me maybe hes involved with selenas death somehow.

Richard Conway:
  • We'll keep digging.
  • Oh, you think?
Katie Collins: yeah. this is really messed up, but thanks for doing this, i think its gonna be a huge help.

Collins: intex posted:

Katie Collins : id really like to know whats on that recording. i dont want to get jackson arrested or anything, but if the recording proves he framed me i really need it to get out of here.
Richard Conway : Agreed. What's the plan?
Collins : rooke told me once that intex base all their dirty ops out of their office on marlowe street. if you can get in, the recording should be on the main terminal there.
Conway : Hack a thing, got it.
Collins : conway - thanks.

Collins : did you find it?
Conway : Gone, I'm afraid. But the server logs showed it was once downloaded by a Rooke IP.
Collins : oh, maybe that was jackson! if you send me the ip, i might know which office it came from, and maybe we can get it from there.

Collins: the recording posted:

Katie Collins: hey. this could be really dangerous, so its ok if you want to back out. this is my last chance, and itll only work if that recording is what we hope it is.
Richard Conway:
  • I'm in.
    • Katie Collins: thanks.
  • You just went 3 sentences without an exclaimation mark, Katie. What's wrong?
    • Katie Collins: haha.
Katie Collins: its getting kind of scary in here. ive got no alibi, im one of the only people who could have wiped that footage, and jacksons word carries a lot of weight. i dont wanna get you in trouble for a lost cause.
Richard Conway:
  • It's not lost till I'm done. At which point, yeah, it might be totally lost.
  • I don't get in trouble. Trouble gets... in... OK that one's not going anywhere.
  • Fuck that.
Katie Collins: haha!! thank you. good luck!

Katie Collins: did you get it?!
Richard Conway: No luck, someone thoroughly scrubbed it from that machine.
Katie Collins: oh
Richard Conway:
  • It was a long shot.
    • Katie Collins: i know. thanks for trying.
  • I'm sorry, Katie. Don't pay me for this one. We'll keep working on it.
    • Katie Collins: thats really sweet of you, but im still sending you the money. i cant use it.
Katie Collins: i just dont know what to do now. i dont know why someone would want to frame me like this. i hate thinking someone hates me that much. they went to all that trouble to delete every copy of the security video that showed i wasnt there.
Richard Conway:
  • We'll fix it.
    • Katie Collins: maybe
    • Collins has disconnected
  • It's just Jackson covering his tracks, don't let him get to you.
    • Katie Collins: maybe
    • Collins has disconnected
  • Uh, there's something you should know about that.
    • Katie Collins: what?
    • Richard Conway: It was me. I didn't kill Selena, but the footage showed me there. I had to wipe it.
    • Collins has disconnected

    • Richard Conway:It was... .MOV format.
    • Katie Collins: ... ok
      (return to Fix It or Covering Tracks)

Gessler: Industrial Espionage posted:

Fritz Gessler: Who the fuck are you?
Richard Conway:
  • Conway, freelance espionage.
  • Conway, hat fancier.
      Fritz Gessler:
    • The fuck does that mean? Fuck it, you'll do. Can't get a goddamn spy in this city.
  • Who the fuck are you?
    • Fritz Gessler: Gessler, CEO, Intex. I need someone serious. Are you?
Richard Conway:
  • As a pulmonary edema.
  • Not that serious, no.
  • I am serious, and don't call me Shirley.
Fritz Gessler: Whatever. I make guns. Rooke makes guns. Rooke's working on some bullshit secret project she thinks is going to let her get around the gun ban, and she doesn't think I know about it. You're gonna steal it.
Richard Conway:
  • Where is it?
  • I'm not wild about stealing from Rooke.
    • Fritz Gessler:Christ. Look, I don't care if you're fucking her. It's a corporation. This is business, and it's getting done whoever does it. Unless you're a goddamn employee, I suggest you look at this ridiculous fucking fee again and sign on the figurative fucking line.
Richard Conway: Where is it?
Fritz Gessler: Good point, first you're gonna find out where it is. She's outsourcing all the work to a company called TX Fabrications to keep it secret. Hit their admin center on Belsize Way, and search the main terminal. I'll text you the codename you're looking for.
Richard Conway:
  • Got it.
  • Gessler has disconnected

  • Any special requests?
    • Fritz Gessler: Look, I don't judge assets by how well they blither into their fucking phones, so the jury's still out on you. If you wanna impress me, now or any time you're on an Intex op, don't leave witnesses. Anyone does see you, don't leave 'em breathing. Don't care how many hits it takes.
    • Richard Conway: Got it.
    • Thanks for the tip, Gandhi.

Fritz Gessler: Get it?
Richard Conway: Got it. The prototype's at a TX Fabrication facility on Lyle.
Fritz Gessler: Fuckin A. You'll hear from me when we're ready to move.

Rooke: The Prototype: posted:

Melanie Rooke: I know you've taken a job to steal one of my prototypes.
Richard Conway:
  • Yep.
  • Pfft, that doesn't sound like me.
  • Honestly, it was the only thing going.
Melanie Rooke: It's fine, you're freelance, you're under no obligation to my company. I'm contacting you because the job was a ruse. The prototype you're looking for doesn't exist, we've left the lethal weapons market completely.
Richard Conway: Well, that's gonna make my mission to retrieve it trickier.
Melanie Rooke: Maybe not. I'd actually like Intex to steal something from us - something with a tracker on it. I'd be interested to know where it ends up.
Richard Conway: Why are you telling me?
Melanie Rooke: We honestly don't have one. We don't have anything you could steal that would be convincing to Gessler as a prototype weapon. So... I need you to steal one.
Richard Conway:
  • Aren't you afraid I'll tell Gessler?
    • Melanie Rooke: No, go ahead. It'll sound exactly like a ruse to cover up our secret prototype.
  • From who?
    • Melanie Rooke: The same fabrication company who make our prototypes. They build them for other clients too, and I want you to steal something they're making for the automotive industry. It won't look like a weapon, but Intex won't know what it is. That means it'll get to their labs, and we can trace it there.
  • So that I can give it to you, so that I can steal it from you.
    • Melanie Rooke: Yes.

    • Conway: I hate this job.
    • Conway: I love this job.
    • Alright, whatever.
Richard Conway: Well, this all makes perfect sense. Where am I going?
Melanie Rooke: 39 London Road.
Richard Conway:
  • Any special Requests?
    • Melanie Rooke: I'd appreciate it if you could keep violence to a minimum.
  • Got it.

Melanie Rooke: Find it OK?
Richard Conway:
  • Yep.
    • Melanie Rooke: Great.
  • What the hell is this?
    • Melanie Rooke: Some kind of electric accelerator. My R&D guys looked into something a bit like it for projectiles once.
Melanie Rooke: Drop it in the trashcan at Union, I'll have someone pick it up, plant the tracker, and move it to the TX facility.

Gessler: Acquisitions posted:

Fritz Gessler: OK, you oughta know where you're going but I'll say it anyway: TX Fabrication, Lyle street. Steal Rooke's prototype.

Fritz Gessler: You get it?
Richard Conway:
  • Yep.
    • Fritz Gessler : Fuckin fantastico. Get off at Central, switch bags with the guy on the far bench. The cash is in his.
    • Gessler has disconnected

Richard Conway: Yes, but there's something you should know about it.
Fritz Gessler : Yeah? Well spit it out.
  • Richard Conway: It's really heavy. My arms hurt.
    • Gessler : Fuckin fantastico. Get off at Central, switch bags with the guy on the far bench. The cash is in his.
    • Gessler has disconnected

  • Richard Conway: It's a fake, and there's a tracker. Rooke had me help set it up.
  • Fritz Gessler : Jesus H Ballsack. Are you fucking serious? No, don't answer that this time. Gimme a second.
  • Fritz Gessler: Alright, you know what? Fuck it. Play along. Do whatever she wants. Let's see what the robot bitch can do when I know she's coming.
    • Richard Conway: Um, OK.
    • I'm fine with this for exactly as long as you're both paying me.

Gessler: Compensation posted:

((This mission triggers if you tell Gessler about the setup.))
Fritz Gessler: Oh Jesus fucking Chris this is going to be beautiful. No job this time, just set this up as a mission to send you your payout through the normal channels.
  • Richard Conway: My kind of mission. Pleasure doing business.
  • Gessler has disconnected

  • Richard Conway: I have to ask, what the hell did I just deliver?
  • Fritz Gessler: Oh, it's a bomb. Great honking log of plastique, set to go off as soon as it reaches any of Rooke's facilities. Wish I could be there, it's going to be a thing to see.

Melanie Rooke: Conway
Melanie Rooke: Turn on the news
Melanie Rooke: Prototype you stole was an explosive
Melanie Rooke: Blast just killed three good people at my R&D labs
Melanie Rooke: Gessler must have known you were coming
Melanie Rooke: Watch your back
Melanie Rooke: And kill that fucking animal if you ever have the shot

Gessler: Go fuck yourself posted:

((This mission triggers if you do not tell Gessler about the setup.))
Fritz Gessler: Seriously. Grow a fucking dick and shove it up your ass.
Fritz Gessler: Asshole.

Anonymous: The Collins Case posted:

Anonymous: Thanks for responding. The case I'm interested in is one you might have heard of - the victim's name was Selena Delgado, an employee of the Rooke firearms company.
Richard Conway:
  • Yes, I'm... familiar with it.
  • Nope, not ringing any bells.
Anonymous: The security camera footage from the murder scene was wiped, and Delgado's colleague Katie Collins was charged with the murder. I don't think she did it, and I'd like you to help prove that.

Richard Conway:
  • Let me guess, you're a friend of the suspect?
  • Let me guess, you knew the victim?
  • Don't make me guess - why do you care?
Anonymous: I'm the chief of police.
Richard Conway: You're hiring me to investigate your own incompetence? Cool.
Anonymous: No, the department's. I was transferred here to do something about this town's atrocious record for corruption, and every other police chief who's been given that task has vanished or died in a freak gun accident.
Anonymous: I'm not them. I intend to do some actual good here, and to do that, I need to stay alive. So when it gets hard to tell whether my men are being lazy, stupid, or actually corrupt, it seems wiser not to ask them directly. That's why I need you.
Richard Conway: What's the plan?
Anonymous: Every off-site backup of that security camera feed was wiped that night, but the camera itself wasn't. Not everyone knows it, but the older models Rooke uses keep a local backup on the camera itself. I want you to go to the crime scene and get the camera's memory card.
Richard Conway:
  • And that would, er, show you whoever was caught on camera there that night?
    • Anonymous: Hopefully, yes. If it's blank, we keep digging.
  • So where am I headed?
    • Anonymous: Wedgewood Road, the Rooke office. Just get to the camera on the third floor, it should be easy to get the card out of it. The data will be strongly encrypted, but I can decode it if you can get it to me.

Julian Mayfield: Did you get the card?
Richard Conway:
  • Yep, sending you the data now.
  • Julian Mayfield: Excellent, good job.
  • Julian Mayfield: God damn it. One of my idiot officers must have switched the camera back on - the card's full, but it's only the last few nights. Whatever it recorded on the night of the murder was over-written days ago.

  • Richard Conway: Yep, but there's nothing on it.
  • Julian Mayfield : That's suspicious. Very few people know about the on-board backup on that model, and I can't think why someone would wipe the card and then go to the trouble of putting it back in.

  • Richard Conway: Nope, it was gone.
  • Julian Mayfield : Damn. I'm surprised, very few people know about the on-board backup on that model.
    Mayfield : Thanks for your help, anyway. I'll get back to you when I know our next move.

Mayfield: The DataSec Recording posted:

Julian Mayfield: We caught a break: one of the DataSec facilities the murderer broke into that night had a security camera. Unfortunately I can't get a warrant for the footage without letting my men know I've re-opened the case, so I need you to get it for me.
Richard Conway:
  • You think the guy who wiped footage didn't wipe the footage of him wiping the footage?
    • Julian Mayfield: He may not be a clever man.
  • Richard Conway: So if I get this, we'll know who he is?
    • Julian Mayfield: If he walked in front of that camera, we'll know what he looks like. He may not be in our database, so we'll still need to figure out how to find him.
  • Richard Conway: Did any of the guards see him?
    • Julian Mayfield: None who could give a usable description. "Guy in a coat," was my favourite.
Richard Conway: Alright, how do I do it?
Julian Mayfield: Just get to the terminal at their main servers on the ground floor. The data will probably be encrypted again, so just copy it and send it to me when you get out.
Richard Conway:
  • Got it.
  • Sure, I'll definitely do exactly that.

Julian Mayfield: Any luck?
Richard Conway:
  • Yep, here's what I got off the servers. (Real data)
    • Julian Mayfield: Alright, you don't need to actually say it's the real data, I trust you.
      ((If you are caught on camera in the lobby of Rooke: Three for All))
    • Julian Mayfield: Decrypted - we have actual footage of our killer! Guy in a trenchcoat and hat. Can't see his face, but there's no way this is Katie Collins. Anyone else we suspect, we can compare their movement signatures to this and prove whether it's the same person. Good job.
    ((If you are not caught on camera in the lobby of Rooke: Three for All))
  • Julian Mayfield: Decrypted - no luck. The night of the break-in's here, but the guy never sets foot in the lobby. He's smarter than we thought.
  • Richard Conway: Yep, here's what I got off the servers. (Random garbage)
    • Julian Mayfield: Hmm, it's not decrypting. You're right, this is just random garbage. Either that or they're using a whole new cypher for some reason. I'll keep working on it and let you know what our next move is.

Mayfield: The Morgue posted:

Julian Mayfield: I've discovered evidence that Selena Delgado's post-mortem was altered after Katie Collins was arrested. What I don't know is why - are my men covering for one of their own, or just changing the facts to fit the easiest suspect to convict?
Richard Conway: What do you want me to do about it?
Julian Mayfield: If you can get to the coroner's computer in our HQ, you might be able to find an autosave of the original somewhere on there. If we can see what the difference is, it might confirm whether this is corruption or just laziness.
  • Richard Conway:Got it.
  • Mayfield has disconnected

  • Richard Conway: Can't you, police chief of the actual police, get this police thing from the police?
  • Julian Mayfield: Ask my predecessor. You can't, he was shot six times in the chest shortly after referring one of his officers to internal affairs for document forgery.
    • Richard Conway: Alright, point taken.
    • Mayfield has disconnected

    • Richard Conway: Who's to say that was even related?
    • Julian Mayfield: The police chief of the actual police.
    • Julian Mayfield: (Me)

Julian Mayfield: Did you find the original obituary?
Richard Conway:
  • Yep, here it is.
  • Fresh from the Recycle Bin - I suspect we are not dealing with a clever cop.
Julian Mayfield: Superb.
Julian Mayfield: Oh wow. She was shot three times, not one. And the second two shots were point blank range, seconds after she hit the ground. Whoever killed Selena Delgado, they dropped out of a third story window to make sure she was dead. We're either dealing with a professional operative or more than one shooter. Either way, this suggests Katie Collins is innocent.
Richard Conway: Can we release it?
Julian Mayfield: Yes, but not yet. I need enough to get every dirty cop in this town arrested the moment I go public with this, or I'll disappear under suspicious circumstances. I can handle that side of it, but I'll get in touch if I find any more about our killer. Thanks, Conway.

Mayfield: The Suspect posted:

Julian Mayfield: I think I've got something.
Richard Conway: What?
Julian Mayfield: That post-mortem you retrieved showed that Selena was shot again, point blank, with the same weapon, right after hitting the ground. Which suggests our killer threw himself out of a third story window just to make sure she was dead.
Richard Conway:
  • Agreed.
  • Can't fault him for enthusiasm.
  • People who throw themselves out of third story windows aren't all bad.
Julian Mayfield: That means he had tech - I'm guessing a Dropshot trenchcoat, but who knows what else. So I tracked some shipments from TX Fabrications, who make that stuff, and it turned up an address right across the street from the crime scene.
Richard Conway:
  • Oh... cool.
  • Oh.... yeah?
  • Oh... great.
Julian Mayfield: I want you to check it out, look for any evidence of what kit this guy might have, and anything else suspicious. Up for it?
Richard Conway:
  • Always.
  • I, um, have to go now...

Julian Mayfield: Find anything?
Richard Conway:
  • Yep, packaging for Bullfrog projectile trousers.
    • Julian Mayfield: That's interesting. It proves he's an agent, but to be honest that's pretty novice kit. A pro like ours wouldn't just be getting around to trying out the springy legs gadget. Let me keep digging and I'll get back to you.
  • Nope, the place was clean. Only thing this guy's guilty of is great taste.
    • Julian Mayfield: Damn. It might be a dummy address, I can't find any records of who rents it. I'll keep digging and let you know what turns up.

Mayfield: The Room posted:

Julian Mayfield: A source I trust has tipped me off to a recording of everything that happened in Rooke's office the night of Delago's murder. It's from a second camera, one that was backed up to a secure DataSec facility without the killer knowing. I need you to break into DataSec and get that recording for me.

Richard Conway: Where is the second camera?
Julian Mayfield: I can't tell you that yet.

Richard Conway: Who's the source?
Julian Mayfield: I can't tell you that yet.

Richard Conway: Why do you believe them?
Julian Mayfield: I can't tell you that yet.

Richard Conway:
  • Right I'll just check it out then.
  • Well, thanks for the information, you've been a big help.

((This Dialogue Tree occurs if you were caught on the camera during Rooke: Three for All, and gave him the real data from Mayfield: The DataSec Recording. The Bolded line is for reference when an alternate dialogue option intersects this one.))
Julian Mayfield: Thanks, now I have everything I need.
Richard Conway:
  • Er, I haven't sent you the data yet.
  • For what?
Julian Mayfield: The file on that terminal is random garbage. I put it there myself. I just needed to get you on camera, so I could compare it to the footage from the break-in at DataSec. The movement signatures are a match. You killed Selena Delgado.
Richard Conway:
  • I didn't, but I was there, and think I know who did.
  • Julian Mayfield: This ought to be good. Who did?
    • Richard Conway: Rooke's husband, Mark Jackson.
    • Richard Conway: An Intex agent, I don't know his name.
    • Richard Conway: It actually was Katie Collins, and this has all been a hilariously ironic waste of time.
  • Julian Mayfield: Yeah, nice try.
  • Richard Conway: News to me. Good luck proving it with the inadmissable evidence I stole for you, though.
  • Richard Conway: Sure, OK, why not.
Julian Mayfield: I don't know why you did it, but I'm not going to stop until I have something I can use in court. I hope you have a good lawyer.
Richard Conway:
  • Seriously, I did wipe the DataSec footage because I was at the scene, but I didn't kill her.
    • Mayfield has disconnected
  • Richard Conway: I hope you have a good morgue. And I've been there, you don't.
    • Mayfield has disconnected
  • Richard Conway: Logically though, shouldn't you hope I have a bad one?
    • Mayfield has disconnected

((The following dialogue trees occurs if you did not give the footage to Mayfield, or did and were not caught on the camera. There are two major options, so I will handle them one at a time.))
Julian Mayfield: So, did you find the file?
((Maintain your Innocence))
Richard Conway: Yep, here it is.
Julian Mayfield: Huh. I'll be honest, this is a dummy file I put there. You match everything we know about Selena's killer, so I had to test where your allegiances lay. I apologise for the distrust, I'm sure you understand.
Richard Conway:
  • Of course.
  • No, I kinda lost the plot on mission 2. I just like getting paid.
    • Julian Mayfield: Alright, I'll keep looking into it. Let me know if you find anything yourself, and thanks for all your help.
    • Mayfield has disconnected
  • Richard Conway: Well, you were close: I did wipe the DataSec footage, but I didn't kill Delgado.
  • Julian Mayfield: What? And you've been helping me investigate... yourself?
    Richard Conway:
    • I may have issues.
    • Well, I knew we'd never catch me.
    • What can I say, you pay well.
Julian Mayfield: So you wiped the footage because it made you look guilty. Did you see who actually did it?
Richard Conway:
  • No, but I suspect it was Rooke's husband, Mark Jackson.
  • No, but I suspect it was someone working for Intex.
  • No, I'm still working on that.
Julian Mayfield: Jesus. Alright, well you've helped me get to the bottom of my corruption problem, at least. Turns out my men are just lazy idiots. That's gonna make it hard to make progress on the Delgado case for a while, so if you find the guy who did it before I do...
Julian Mayfield: Just send me a text on your way there. If we get reports of gunshots or anything, we might be a bit slow to respond. We might not solve that case.

((Incriminate Yourself))
Richard Conway: (Lie) Nope, there was nothing on the terminal.
Julian Mayfield: I know for a fact there was, and not just because you put (Lie) in front of all your lies. I put a dummy file on that server to see if you really wanted to catch Selena's killer or not. You don't - because you did it.
((At this point, the dialogue shifts to the bolded section where you were caught.))

Rooke: The Plant posted:

Melanie Rooke: I have the recording you've been looking for. It's from a phone call in which Jackson threatens to kill Selena if she talks. It would be enough to get Katie Collins released and my husband arrested.
Richard Conway:
  • Oh, awesome.
  • "Would"?
Melanie Rooke: I can't give it to the police. I didn't obtain it legally, so it's inadmissable. That why I need you. I want you to copy it onto the police servers and leave a security hole for the press to find it there.
Richard Conway:
  • Does that actually work?
  • Will that get Collins off?
Melanie Rooke: I don't know it's never been done before. But the East Point police would probably rather claim they were sitting on vital evidence than admit they don't know how it even got there.
Richard Conway: What does the evidence say, exactly?
Melanie Rooke: Jackson: "I mean it, if you say one word about this, anywhere, you'll be dead before you leave the building."
Richard Conway:
  • Shit.
  • Yeah, that's not a good thing to say the night someone's killed.
  • Kind of a weird way to say it.
Richard Conway: Have you told Collins?
Melanie Rooke: No, and I'd appreciate it if you didn't either. She has trouble coping with the guilt if I bring her a coffee, I don't want her to know I'm risking my career for her.
Richard Conway: You're okay with getting your husband arrested?
Melanie Rooke: He's gone dark. I can't believe he did it, and I don't know if he'll go down for it. But he put Collins in this situation, so he can damn well take the fallout.
Melanie Rooke: The terminal you need to plant it on is on the first floor of the evidence warehouse on Union. I'm sending you a script that'll make it vulnerable: once it's active, I'll tip off a journalist friend.

Melanie Rooke: It's Katie.
Richard Conway:
  • What?
  • I uploaded the data! Wait, what?
Melanie Rooke: I just got the call. They found her in her cell.
Melanie Rooke: The note just said she didn't want to be a burden.


Mark Jackson: This is Jackson. The recording you have of me is real, but it's not the whole story. Selena and I were having an affair. When I told her not to say anything, I was trying to protect her.
Richard Conway:
  • From who?
  • From whom?
Mark Jackson: Intex. They blackmailed me to steal a large sum of money from Rooke. I used their plan to take it, but I didn't give it to Intex: I was going to use it to blow the country with Selena. I was warning her to keep that to herself, because I knew if Intex found out they'd have her killed. If I'd known they were tapping my phone... the irony is not fucking lost.
Richard Conway:
  • Why didn't Intex kill you too?
    • Mark Jackson: They needed me to steal the money from Rooke. We sometimes channel money through my firm to dodge tax, so for a day or two the money would be in my name. If I died before transferring it to Intex, the money would go straight back to Rooke when she inherited my company.
  • Richard Conway: Why did you even tell Selena?
    • Mark Jackson: She was a smart girl, she wasn't going to run off with me without knowing where the money came from. I knew she wouldn't be wild about stealing from Rooke, but we didn't have much choice. Giving it to Intex would be worse, and doing nothing meant Intex would go public with the affair.
  • Richard Conway: Cut to the chase.
    • Mark Jackson: I don't know how Rooke got hold of that recording, but I know why she edited it, and I know why she gave it to you. She knows about me and Selena, and she knows about the money. If I get arrested now, it defaults back to her. She's trying to frame me.
Richard Conway: So what do you want?
Mark Jackson: The full recording. Public. Online. It proves the one Rooke leaked was doctored, and it proves I didn't kill Selena. The terminal that recorded it logged the location of both phones at the time: I was out of town minutes before she died.
Mark Jackson: That terminal is in Intex's ops center on Harvey Street. If you can get in, you can upload the full recording from there. I'll post it as an official job so I can pay you securely.

Melanie Rooke: Conway, it's Rooke. Ignore Jackson.
Richard Conway:
  • Why?
  • You don't even know what he said.
Melanie Rooke: Did he say 'The recording you have of me is real, but it's not the whole story'?
Richard Conway:
  • ... no.
  • ... yes.
  • To be honest, I wasn't listening.
Melanie Rooke: Intex are still bugging his phone, and I've taken over their network.
Melanie Rooke: I know who killed Selena, I know exactly where he is now, and I know what will happen if that recording gets out. The killer will vanish, forever. The only reason he hasn't disappeared already is that he knows Jackson's going down for it. As soon as the cops start looking for someone else, he's gone.
Richard Conway:
  • Who is it?
    • Melanie Rooke: I'm witholding that until you can secure Jackson's conviction.
  • Can't we just get the real killer, then leak the recording?
    • You could, if you knew where he was. I could, if I wanted that recording leaked. But if Jackson gets out, I lose everything. The money he took broke our agreement, but it wasn't illegal - I can't get it back unless he's convicted.
  • You want to let an innocent man go down to catch a guilty one?
    • Not the word I would use. Jackson framed Katie Collins for Selena's murder, which led directly to her death. The fact that he also cheated on me and stole most of my capital just makes me less conflicted about it.

      Richard Conway:
    • Point taken.
    • Hmm.
    • Still, every marriage has its rough patches.
      Melanie Rooke: It's the old cliche. Husband runs off with a younger woman who doesn't spend her spare time thinking of less and less traceable ways to destroy people. Wife untraceably destroys him.
      Richard Conway: So you want me to get Jackson convicted. How?
      Melanie Rooke: The terminal at Intex that Jackson wants you to upload the recording from. I need you to get to it, and wipe it instead. Jackson goes down for Selena's murder, I get my company back, and you can do what you like to the man who killed your client. It's an easy call.

Jackson: The Truth posted:

((This mission, and Rooke: The Killer oppose each other, and both cannot be taken in the same playthrough.))
((There is no pre-mission dialogue.))

Mark Jackson: My badass fucking super agent! I saw the recording go up! You do realise you just set the internet on fire?
Richard Conway: [list]
  • I do.
  • Oh good.
  • I hate to bring up money but- no, turns out I'm fine with it.
  • Mark Jackson: I'm about to wire you cash you could drown in, the second my release goes through. Mark Jackson: Listen, I am sorry about Katie. And Selena. Christ, this got fucked up. But you did the right thing. I don't know which agent he used, but Gessler's the one who has to go down for Selena. I'm just glad he finally pissed off someone with the balls to do it.
    Mark Jackson: Hilariously, the bug he had in my phone also recorded him blackmailing me and conspiring to steal from Rooke. If you can get to him tonight and make sure he's in no state to leave his office, the cops will take it from there.
    Mark Jackson: But if you just want to kill the fucker, you've got my blessing.

  • Rooke: The Killer posted:

    ((This mission, and Jackson: The Truth oppose each other, and both cannot be taken in the same playthrough.))
    ((There is no pre-mission dialogue.))

    Melanie Rooke: Is it done?
    Richard Conway:
    • Is what done?
      • Melanie Rooke: I'm not going to miss working with you, am I?
    • Richard Conway: It's done.
    Melanie Rooke: Fantastic. God, it's been a shitty few days. Thank you for ending it.
    Richard Conway:
    • No problem.
    • You could thank me by telling me who killed Selena Delgado.
    Melanie Rooke: Selena was killed by an agent named Hightower, on Gessler's orders. Gessler was blackmailing Jackson to steal from me, but Jackson was planning to run off with Selena and the money. Gessler would have killed them both, but the money was still in Jackson's name. So he took away Jackson's reason to run.
    Melanie Rooke: I have enough evidence to put Gessler away, but he knows that now. If you don't get him and Hightower tonight, they'll both be gone by the morning. I still have access to Intex's comms network - I've called Hightower to Intex HQ, told him Gessler wants to meet. I strongly recommend you bring a gun, even if you don't intend to fire it.
    Richard Conway:
    • Thanks, it's been a pleasure.
    • Thanks, it's been weird.
    • Thanks, I'm off to commit double homicide.
    Melanie Rooke: Good luck, Richard.

    Gessler: Come and fucking get me. posted:

    ((There is no Pre- or Post- mission dialogue.))