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Original Thread: Let's Play Tom Clancy's HAWX 2 - Modern (Air)Warfare



The year is 20XX and the world has gone to the crappers again with terrorist’s insurgents running rampant in the streets with no PMCs to babysit them anymore presumably. But fear not, for the ever vigilant pilots and airmen of HAWX squadron will take to the skies and defend the world for freedom, justice and all American well being. This time with the help of some new friends.

Welcome to the sequel I sure as heck didn’t expect to be made. Namely Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. 2. Sadly it has no really snappy subtitle attached to it. A bit of a shame really as frankly needs one.
Then again this game needs a lot of things...

So what’s new?
Well aside from polished graphics the game has a couple of different changes and features under its hood. Some of which are good, and some... less so.

Persistent Elite Creation. Instead of getting unlocks as you level up you buy them via points you get when you level up. This is of course not really mentioned at all in the game and you have to figure this out for yourself. Not that it matters anyway on your first run of the game’s campaign anyway.

Aircraft Mastery? What is that?
This is a second level of unlocks that they’ve added. Whenever you use an aircraft and score kills with it during a mission or during a survival session, the experience from that get’s added to the plane’s mastery pool which unlocks passive perks, alternative weapon sets and skins and ultimately allows you to customize a weapon set of your own.

Arcade mode?
Certain missions have an arcade mode version that adds various challenges in form of certain weapon load-outs and restrictions. I may show some of them off.

What about OFF mode? Is it still in?
Yup. But this time it’s frankly even more worthless than before thanks to the changed AI. How to best sum up combat in the sequel?

Dos Gringos - Gunz

I won’t be using OFF mode at all this time around.

So how will this LP be done then?
Same as before. Subtitles with my own custom soundtrack. The game’s original music, with the exception of perhaps one track is really uninspiring and bland so I’m using my own mix for the missions. Some missions may go with a certain music theme.

When it comes to airplane choices the campaign has two options, one is story mode in which you fly the plane given to you by the game and then there is custom mode where you’re allowed to fly a plane of your own choosing and is allowed to select your own munitions. Some missions don’t allow you to pick, but these are missions that require something very specific. Most of the time I will fly the story designated airplane for various reasons that I’ll touch upon.
Updates will occur at least twice a week.

Will you use any custom skins like last time?
Nope. Mostly because there haven’t been any good ones made yet. I may just feature the ones you unlock through mastery progression but they aren’t all that amazing though. So no Idolmaster skins this time.

One last question, is the F22 still the developers love child?
Does a bear shit in the woods? Yes it is and I will never use it. Except for one mission...

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