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H.A.W.X. 2

by Cooked Auto

Part 3: Mission 3 & 5

Mission 3 - The Prisoner
Mission 5 - The Rescue

The Prisoner
After the attack on the Prince Faisal Air Base, Colonel Crenshaw crash landed and was taken prisoner. A search starts to locate him before he is executed by insurgents.

The Rescue
Once Colonel Crenshaw has been located, it has also been discovered that the insurgents plan to execute him in a few hours. A special forces team goes into the insurgent controlled territory to rescue him, backed up by an AC-130U Spooky. Major Rebecca Walters, one of the surviving HAWX pilots, is flying the plane.

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Aircraft "flown": AC-130U Spooky

Hey what gives you might ask, why is there two mission included all of a sudden? Simple, the first mission is 4 minutes long and far too boring to even be worth a single update. Besides, the missions are linked story wise so combining them made far too much sense.
Also I may have to apologize if the music drowns out the ingame speech a little.

Also, this demands to be linked due to the name of mission three.