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Part 4: Operation 4 - Blacklight

Location: Afghanistan.

Following the success of Operation Cobalt, the UN has hired Artemis to bomb terrorist training camps in the mountains of Central Asia.

Dispersion of Forces encountered:
Fighters: 77%
Bombers: 0%
Helicopters: 0%
Ground Forces: 0%
Air Defense: 23%
Naval Forces: 0%

Operation Blacklight videos:

Aircraft Flown: F-15 S/MTD / ACTIVE

Decided to post this one as well this week. Mostly because it's really not related to the plot and is pretty damn forgettable as a mission. Next update will be dealing with That feature.

Do you know what a normal start up for HAWX looks like? Well let me tell you. It contains the following.
Unskippable ESRB screen.
Ubisoft Logo. Also unskippable.
Tom Clancy Logo. That also unskippable.
GeoEye Logo. Skippable.
Licensed Aircraft screen. Skippable.
Intro. Skippable.
Another intro video. Skippable.
Loading screen with Logo.
Press Enter.
Loading screen.
Profile page.
Select profile.
Loading screen.
Main menu.

All in all you end up pressing ESC three or so times and then press Enter twice.

This game is horribly built in it's menus. If you wanna do free flight to show of a plane it's something like this:
Enter Free Flight
Select Level
Select Airplane.
Load for a minute or so, showing "helpful" tips. Some using outdated images even.
Press Esc to start.
Fly around a little to show the plane.
Press Esc
Choose quit option.
Accept loss of gameplay data due to quitting mission.
(Watch XP screen adding nothing.)
Loading screen.
Back to menu.

It gets really really repetitive so that's my answer to the early question of if I ever will showcase the rest of the planes.