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Part 10: Operation 9 - Stiletto

Location: Caribbean Sea.

Artemis has broken its contract with Brazil and switched sides after launching a sneak attack on the US carrier group. The President has delivered an ultimatum to the rogue PMC and authorized a retaliatory strike against Artemis's Caribbean Operations Center. Caribbean Sea.

Dispersion of Forces encountered:
Fighters: 22%
Bombers: 0%
Helicopters: 0%
Ground Forces: 18%
Air Defense: 49%
Naval Forces: 11%

Operation Stiletto Videos:

Aircraft Flown: Mikoyan MiG-29 Fulcrum

Suddenly even more plot!
Not much else to say about this mission, a little bit too gimmicky to be perfectly likable perhaps. But it's one of those rare missions where you have to do essentially everything at the same time.