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Part 12: Operation 11 - Torchlight

Location: New England, USA

Artemis has launched a massive, surprise attack on the United States, beginning with a lightning assault on the capital itself, Thanks to the heroic efforts of a handful of defenders, Washington remains in US hands, but the situation is desperate.

Dispersion of Forces encountered:
Fighters: 100%
Bombers: 0%
Helicopters: 0%
Ground Forces: 0%
Air Defense: 0%
Naval Forces: 0%

Operation Torchlight videos:

Aircraft Flown: Mirage 2000C

Another fun mission. Even if its a bit gimmicky towards the end.
Also, a full 4 v 4 TDM match in HAWX is surprisingly fun. And the SU37 is still my favorite plane for dogfighting.

Also I realized after uploading that I kept calling Operation Blackfire as Blacklight, and at one point even Backfire.


Pimpmust offers a quick summarize for the "important" dialogue posted:

"CRENSHAW, listen to us bicker for awhile will ya. Not that you have any reason to hear this shit but I guess the main villain could pitch in or something"
"They are attacking like, EVERYWHERE!!!"
"Poochie, who is this on the com channel?"
"Hello Gentlemen. Mr President."
"Mr DeWinter"
"Mr President, please surrender and spare us all this bloodshed. I got like a thousand planes you know"
"AMERICA does not NEGOTIATE with TERRORISTS, no you surrender!!"
"You know I'm no TERRORIST, I am...a CAPITALIST. Eheheheh. Besides, I have my legacy to consider."
"We will retaliate..."
"Oh, will you? Mhrhrhmrmrmrmhmhahahahhh"
*Minovsky Particles flood the United States*