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Part 20: Operation 18 - Twilight

And the award of most disappointing final mission goes to...

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA.

Though we secured the missiles in Nevada, Artemis is still one step ahead of us. One of the warheads was taken to Los Angeles and hidden somewhere in the city. Now we've got to find it before it's too late.

Dispersion of Forces encountered:
Fighters: 88%
Bombers: 0%
Helicopters: 0%
Ground Forces: 2%
Air Defense: 10%
Naval Forces: 0%

Operation Twilight videos:

Aircraft Flown: SU-47 Berkut

This mission is thankfully bereft of sparkly vampires.
And with this mission comes the end of the actual campaign. There is however one mission left and after that one extra special video.