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Half Life 2

by Cybershell

Part 1

so O.K. i dont have like a fancy picture taking program that most of you use for the lets plays so i used my camera instead

right welcome to my halflife2 playthrough.

i play on easymode because i'm pro so i can skip the training

so the first halfhour of the game takes place on an electric subway train

haha wow this is taking a long time for it to get to the place it is going to.

um yea i guess this is the science labratory

sorry i accidently turned on my flash for this picture.

i guess I have to resonsance a cascade

whoa what the hell check it out

i guess these are the combine ive heard so much about

this is a the flood

cool I got my first gun: the crowbar

i see a soldier shooting a zombie

i decide to kill him and take his gun. sorry bro but its everyman for himself hahaa get it because his name is freeMAN



i get to a healing station and decide to take a break because it's too scary to play this late at night.