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by Cybershell

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Original Thread: This LP was part of the Devolution 2007 megathread!



Let's Play Half-Life: Blue Shift

so ya lets play half=life: 3 blu shit. Just kidding. Welcome to the Blue Shift LP, or as I will pretty much exclusively be refering to it in the actual LP, Blue Shit. There's a couple of things about this LP I figure I should probably go over, so let me start with the first question people who see the video are likely to ask: Why the fuck are you using a camcorder? Well, that coincides with another question I'd like to answer, why am I LPing Half-Life: Blue Shift in the first place? Well back in 2007 I did a parody LP of the original Half-Life. I had a lot of fun making it, and always wanted to go back and revisit that thread in some way or another. If you watched the one video I made for that thread you should be pretty familiar with how this LP is going to go down. Anyways to answer the question I originally asked, I'm using a camcorder as a throwback to the way I used a video camera for that video. If you don't like it or are simply too distracted by the scanline to watch the LP then get the fuck out, I don't give a rat's ass what you think.

Anyways let me briefly explain what's the deal with the game. After Valve developed the phemoninally successful game Half-Life, they decided to let Gearbox Software develop two expansion packs for the PC. The first one, released in 1999 is Half Life: Opposing Force, which was an amazing game. OpFor was everything right about Half-Life. You play as Corporal Shephard, a member of the military sent into Black Mesa to clean up the mess. There was a variety of great new weapons such as a desert eagle, sniper rifle, combat knife and a variety of alien weaponry and a ton of cool new enemies, you got to explore some extremely well designed new areas of Black Mesa, and you even got some useful friendly AI soldiers to follow you around and help you. Basically, the game was fucking awesome, and was released to critical success. Then, in 2001 they release Half Life: Blue Shift, which was a terrible game. In short, Blue Shift is everything shitty about Half-Life, and pratically the opposite of Opposing Force. Instead of increasing your arsenal with cool new weapons, you actually get less weapons in this than the original Half-Life. The levels are long and tedious, and simply not fun to play. The game is also extremely short, which is a blessing in my opinion because it's fucking terrible. Without spoiling too much, the ending of OpFor involves you using a turret to kill a giant alien coming through an interdimensional portal, the ending of Blue Shift involves pushing buttons and listening to a bunch of gay scientists yell at you. Terrible. Anyways, since I know like 1% of people even read the OP I basically explained all this in the first video anyways so congratulations you just wasted your god damn time reading all this.

What does a 2007 LP mean to me? Well I'm sure you don't give a fuck but that gaylord Proteus is making everyone include it in their OP so I might as well tell you. Back in 2007, anyone could make LPs, and they could make them anytime. LPs used to just be something you did, not something you planned for. Again, I do LIKE awesome current LPs that have lots of cool editing and expert play, but I don't want LPs to just be narrated speedruns with fancy transitions and meters for cunts. LP used to be about just that. Let's Play a fucking game. Let's Play it like a normal person, who will probably get hit and get lost.

Anyways who gives a fuck about any of that, here are the videos:


01 -Insecurity (Viddler)
02 - Duty Calls (Viddler)
03 - Captive Freight (Part 1) (Viddler)


Psych's Trainwreck Video

Blue Shit Trainwreck Clusterfuck Edition | TheMaxProject


Alright, so here's the deal. We're gonna do a little thing for Blue Shift. Good times for all. Things are gonna be a little bit changed from what I said yesterday, mainly because I didn't realize Cybershell and Psych quit at very close to the same parts. So here's we go.

I'm going to implement a few rules to try to see if I can make this a fair contest. Contests around here tend to go to the most famous LPer or something like that, so I'm throwing a few rules out there to see if I can even things up. None of these rules will actually impact the videos or anything like that, so don't worry about that.

Submission for videos is TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY. More specifically, the deadline is midnight PST, December 5th.


So here's what we're gonna do. There's no roll call. There's no signup. There's no commitment. All you have to do is make a video, upload it somewhere, then send me a message (Skype, Steam, AIM, SA private message, whatever) sending me the link to your video, your SA name, and what category you're entering in. This is what must be done by midnight December 5th. In order to keep things fair (or as close as I can hope to try and make it), I don't want people announcing that they're doing a video in this thread. That way when I post the entries, nobody is biased or has already predetermined who they're voting for (ie. "Maxwell Adams is doing a video?!?!? I know who I'm voting for already!"), and by doing them all at once it's not a race to see who will be the first person to get done. Take your time, make a good video. You have two weeks.

2) Use 2007 editing guidelines
Pretty sure you guys know this one by now. No After Effects, no fancy transitions, no seven layers of audio files in Premiere, etc etc etc.

3) Your video must be an LP of Blue Shift, but you're free to do whatever you want to make it interesting
In other words, if you're LPing Blue Shift, sorry slick, you're LPing Blue Shift. No making a video where you light your Blue Shift CD on fire and then uninstall the program and say "Best Blue Shift LP ever". While that probably would be the best Blue Shift LP ever, you need to actually do the LP. You're free to do anything you want (within 2007 editing standards) to make Blue Shift interesting, but it still has to be a Blue Shift LP at the core.

So there are going to be three categories that you can enter your video (feel free to split it up into multiple videos if you want, but the whole thing needs to be done and uploaded when you submit it) into.

1) Fucking insane: A complete Blue Shift LP, start to finish
2) Bored: Finishing Blue Shift from where Psych left off (savegame located here, savegames go in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\<steam ID> if you're playing it in Steam)
3) Lazy: An incomplete Blue Shift LP, start to wherever you said "fuck it, this game is awful" and quit

You can enter any one of these categories, but you can only enter once.

The winner of each category will be gifted their very own version of Half-Life: Opposing Force*. If, in the event that only one person enters a category, they automatically win! Congratulations! So hopefully we'll get entries into every category.

*if you already have Op4, you can substitute any Steam game that costs $5 or less, yes you need Steam to claim your prize, no I won't substitute a SA gift certificate or anything like that.

Hopefully this covers it. There's going to be a set of rules for voting too, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. If you have any questions, go ahead and post them.

Contest Videos

Fucking Insane (completed start-to-finish run):
Entry 1: Full Video
Entry 2: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Entry 3: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6
Entry 4 (Winner): Part 1 Part 2 Part 3-1 Part 3-2 Part 4

Bored (starting from the save):
Entry 1 (and only entry, so the winner): Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Lazy (start to wherever):
Entry 1: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
Entry 2 (Winner): Full Video

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