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Part 3: Level 4 - Outskirts.

"Rally scattered marines, clear hostile contacts from the old-city."

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...In comparison to the weapons used during the battle of Installation 04, UNSC forces deployed on Earth during the First Battle of Earth and subsequent First Battle of Mombasa was issued with a more diverse selection of weapons to combat the Covenant.

M6C Magnum Sidearm

Product Information
Manufacturer: Misriah Armory
Model: M6 Series-Model 6C
Type: Magnum Pistol

Technical Specifications:
Size: Handheld, Single Handed
O/A Length: 26.8 Centimeters
Damage per hit:
Overall damage: Medium to Low
Magazine Size: 12 Rounds
Maximum Ammunition:
60 Rounds or 5 Magazines (Single-Wielded)
120 Rounds or 10 Magazines (Dual Wielded)
Fire Mode: Semi-Automatic
Ammunition Type: 12.7x40mm M228 Semi-Armor-Piercing High-Penetration/ .50 Caliber Magnum Rounds
Operation: Short Recoil Principle
Rate of Fire: About 360 rounds/min (6 rounds/sec)
Accuracy: Medium
Maximum Effective range: Between 19 and 23 meters
Maximum range: Between 50 and 100 meters

The M6C is part of the Misriah Armory's M6 Sidearm series and was put into service somewhere around 2531 and is mainly issued to members of the UNSC Marine Corps, in particular to vehicle crews and aviators. When compared to other models of the M6 series it is a relatively weak weapon unless utilized correctly.
It is a semi-automatic, recoil-operated, magazine-fed, duel-wieldable, magnum caliber handgun with a double action trigger set behind a large trigger guard. Its body is made from a titanium alloy and has a polymer grip to make it comfortable in the user's hands, the barrel is also chrome plated in order to prevent corrosion. It also has forward and rear sights that can be adjusted for wind and elevation. Unlike the M6D it lacks the KFA-2 2x optical smart-linked scope. However it possesses a higher rate of fire in comparison to the M6D and less recoil than other models, but the increase in rate of fire also cuts down its effective range quite considerably and also its accuracy. The M6C is about 1/5 as accurate as the M6D.
The weapon fires the .50 caliber M228 12.7mmx40mm SAP-HP round. These rounds have a metal coating of copper or cupro-nickel which encloses a hardened projectile that will deform shortly after penetration or upon contact with the target. When the round hits a hard object such as body armor, the metal coating will deform which allows for the hardened projectile to continue through into the target because most of the energy is kept. The round quickly deforms after penetration. The reason for making these rounds semi-armor piercing; instead of flat out armor piercing is to prevent over penetration and hit targets behind.
Due to its design the SAP-HP round are very ineffective against Covenant shield systems due to the round deforming upon impact and therefore lacks the penetrating ability in comparison to the M6Ds SAP-HE ammunition. The SAP-HP rounds are very effective against soft or armored targets and only require somewhere around 2 to 4 shots to the body to take down an aggressor.

M7 Caseless Submachine Gun

Product Information:
Manufacturer: Misriah Armory.
Model: M7
Type: Submachine Gun.

Technical Specifications:
Size: Handheld, Single Handed (Dual Wieldable)
(Stock extended): 62.7 cm (24.68 in.)
(Stock retracted): 47.4 cm (18.66 in.)
(Empty): 1.3 kg (2.86 lbs)
(Loaded): 2.88 kg (6.36 lbs)
Damage per Hit: Low to Medium
Magazine Size: 60 Rounds
Maximum Ammunition: 240 Rounds or 4 Magazines
Fire Mode: Fully Automatic
Ammunition Type: 5x23mm M443 Caseless Full Metal Jacket/.197 Caliber Rounds
Operation: Gas System with Rotating Breech
Rate of Fire: 15 rounds/sec (900 rounds/min)
Muzzle Velocity: 427 m/s (1400 f/s)
Accuracy: Low to Moderate
Range: 50 meters (155 ft)

The M7 Caseless Submachine Gun is a flexible and reliable close-quarters weapon, capable of a high rate of fire but possesses a high recoil climb that must be considered during combat. The weapon has a titanium body with iron sights, a folding forward grip and a retractable stock that can be adjusted to fit the wielder. It is gas-operated with a rotating breech weapon that fires the 5x23mm Caseless FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) from a 60 round magazine located on the side of the weapon. During operation a circular ramp rotates the shots 90 degrees until they are aligned with the horizontal breech. The weapons most effective range is around 50 meters and the lack of accuracy makes it a weapon well suited for CQB operations where the weapons small size gives the user increased mobility in comparison the Battle Rifle or Assault Rifle. For covert operations the weapon can be mounted with a silencer attachment. Otherwise the weapon is quite loud with its own distinctive sound of metallic clattering in comparison to the throatier roar of the MA5 series.
The M7 uses the M443 Caseless rounds, which is unlike any other ammunition used in UNSC weapons. The Caseless classification means that it lacks a metal casing that seals the bullet, propellant, and primer together. Instead the round is packed with a combustible adhesive that binds the various components together and during firing this "casing" is vaporized and thus leaving no brass cases that needs to be ejected during operation.
This has several advantages, as it reduces the chance of jamming caused by friction, as well as the lack of jams caused by ejected cases. Also the packaging allows more rounds to be placed inside the magazine, allowing longer rates of fire.
The M443 round has however a drawback that its penetration rate against shields is low, making it an ineffective weapon to use when encountering such enemies. However it causes massive damage and trauma to soft targets due to the rounds ability to tumble inside the body instead of going straight through.

BR55 Battle Rifle

Product Information:
Manufacturer: UNSC
Model: BR55
Type: Combat Rifle

Technical Specifications:
Size: Two-Handed
Length: 89.9 cm
Weight: 8.3 lbs
Magazine Size: 36 rounds
Maximum Ammunition: 144 rounds or 4 magazines
Fire Mode: Fully Automatic, Three-Round Burst, semi-automatic
Ammunition Type: 9.5x40mm M634 Experimental High-Powered Semi-Armor-Piercing/.374 Caliber rounds
Operation: Short-Stroke Gas-Operated Rotating-Bolt
Rate of Fire: 2.4 bursts per second
Accuracy: High
Range: Medium to Long range

The BR55 Battle Rifle is a bullpup, gas-operated, rotating bolt, magazine-fed, mid-to-long range weapon capable of semi-automatic, burst, and fully automatic firing modes. Made from a titanium alloy it was introduced in 2525. At is meant to operate under wide range of combat situations. It has a 36 round magazine that fits into the underside of the guns stock right behind the grip and it also comes mounted with a 2x scope on an optics rail. It is considered a very accurate rifle with a relatively high damage output, able to put down opponents with just a few bursts. While it may not be suited for it, in some cases it can act as a weapon for dedicated marksmen attachment to an infantry squad.
The BR55 uses the 9.5mm x 40 M634 Experimental High-Powered Semi-Armor-Piercing in comparison to the 7.62 x 51 mm round that the MA5 series uses. This round is an excellent medium-range intermediate cartridge that provides good accuracy, controllability, and effectiveness against most opponents.

Sniper Rifle System 99C-S2AMB

Product Information
Manufacturer: UNSC
Model: SRS99C-S2 AM (B variant)
Type: Anti-Matériel Sniper Rifle

Technical Specifications:
Size: Handheld, Two-Handed
Length: 168.5 centimeters
Damage per hit: Very High
Magazine Size: 4 rounds
Maximum Ammunition: 24 rounds or 6 magazines
Fire Mode: Semi-Automatic
Ammunition Type: 14.5 x 114mm APFSDS (Armor-Piercing, Fin-Stabilized, Discarding Sabot)
Operation: Gas System
Rate of Fire: Slow
Accuracy: Pinpoint
Range: Very Long Range

The SRS99C-S2 AMB is semi-automatic, gas-operated, magazine-fed, long-ranged weapon intended for anti-material/personnel usage. It's relatively similar to its predecessor the SRS99C-S2, but has undergone some changes. The 2x/8x scope has been replaced by an electronic Oracle N-variant scope that has a magnification level of 5x and 10x. The scope can also provide real time imagery if the electronic magnification isn't engaged. Other changes are altered foregrip as well as an altered body where the scope protector also works as a carrying handle. It also has a collapsible bipod on the underside of the weapon, placed in front of the magazine. The weapon is also highly customizable in which essentially every piece can be changed to fit the users' specific needs.
As with the SRS99C-S2 the AMB model fires the lethal 14.5 x 114mm APFSDS round in a four round magazine housed in front of the trigger.

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