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Part 3: Level 3 - Truth and Reconcilliation.

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Level 3 - Truth and Reconcilliation.
Board a Covenant ship in an attempt to rescue Captain Keyes.

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Welcome back again.
Last time we talked about the Spartan-II program and Master Chief. Now we turn our focus on the single greatest threat that humanity has ever faced. Namely the Covenant.

Covenant History
The Covenant history is split into different ages. However, each age is not necessarily a specified period of time from our point of view, and various sources indicate that there are multiple divisions of each age. This makes it hard to plot out a clear historic timeline from a non-Covenant perspective. However, what is known is that the Covenant has divided their recorded time into seven different ages. These are then based on notable events that occurred within each age.

The Age of Abandonment
The oldest documentation that the Covenant has dates somewhat 100,000 years back in time when an ancient species called the Forerunner mysteriously disappeared from the galaxy. According to Covenant, scriptures the Forerunners underwent something they called the Great Journey. This is a major part in Covenant beliefs and will be discussed later on.

Age of Conflict
Scriptures and remnants seem to indicate that at some point before the formation of the Covenant the race known as Elites and Prophets fought each other. According to information available, this was because of religious differences stemming from the treatment of Forerunner objects left behind when they disappeared. In the end, the Prophets stood victorious and the Writ of Union was penned, which marked the formation of the Covenant. With the prophets as its religious leaders, while the Elites were the military backbone.

Age of Discovery
This age apparently happened coincidentally with what is known as the Age of Conflict. Information here is scarce but it is believed that during this age the Prophets discovered remains of Forerunner technology. This is believed to have given birth to the central theme of Covenant religion that is the Great Journey.

Age of Reconciliation
This age fell in during the formation of the Covenant when the Prophets shared the information they had gathered about the Forerunners. This is presumably the age of which the Writ of Union was really created from the outcome of the Prophet-Elite war.

Age of Conversion
It was during this age that the Covenant grew in ranks and incorporating several different races. This through either conquest or religious conversion.
Various sources make mention that one of the races that resisted conquest the most was the Hunters. In the end, they were subjugated through the threat of glassing their home world. It is also very possible that the addition of the Grunts happened during this part, this through military conquest rather than religious conversion. After that, the sources are mum regarding how the other races became part of the Covenant.
It is however important to know that the Covenant mostly picked 'worthy' races. This would then mean that the 'worthy' species had come in contact with the Forerunners at one time or evolved on a Forerunner planet. Some speculate that it is very likely that the Covenant came across humanity at some point during this age. Nevertheless, it took them until the Ninth Age of Reclamation to decide if we were deemed worthy or not.

Age of Doubt
Not much is really know about the Age of Doubt. Other than, it seems to be somewhat of a buffer period that usually followed an Age of Conflict, in which effects of that age is dealt with.

Age of Reclamation
Of all the ages, it is the Age of Reclamation that had the largest impact on the human race. It was on the 9th age of Reclamation that the Covenant declares upon humanity and begins the Human-Covenant war. It is an age that is marked with a search to reclaim the lost Halo artifacts that were the centerpieces of the Great Journey. It is most likely that the 9th age started in 2525 when humanity first met the Covenant on the colony of Harvest and sparking a war that would almost see the end of humanity. Nevertheless, the conflict would have in the end great effects for both sides.

The Great Journey
The ultimate goal for the Covenant is to achieve is the Great Journey. It is a central theme within their religion and their theocratic government. It is also the thing that stopped the Prophet-Elite war during the Age of Conflict.
The Great Journey basis lies in that the Covenant believed that their ancestors, the Forerunners, use the Sacred Rings, otherwise known as Halo, to cleanse the universe of all that is unholy and transcend themselves into gods and thus giving them access to ancient and unlimited powers. They believed that through the activation of Halo they would wipe out their adversaries and provide salvation for themselves and allow them to follow the Forerunners to their mysterious destination where they would be granted their powers.