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Part 4: Level 4 - Silent Cartographer

Right, sorry about no part 2. It had to edit some stuff in that video and it took a couple of encoding tries through Premiere to get it right so I didnt get time enough to do subtitles for it. I'll hopefully get it done by tomorrow. And due to the number of videos I have to do for AotCR that update will most likely be pushed for friday.
Vimeo link for part one will be up as soon as my limit has reset itself.

Level 4 - Silent Cartographer
Search for the map room that will lead you to the secrets of Halo.

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Bonus Material
Warthog Jump
Warthog Jump: Revisited

UNSC Database

Welcome back.
Last time we dealt with the history of the Covenant up to the outbreak of the Human-Covenant war. This time we are going to look at the multitude of species that the Covenant collective consists of. All names are rough translations by the UNSC.

Races of the Covenant

Prophets - San 'Shyuum
(Latin name: Perfidia vermis, meaning "Worm of treachery")

The Prophets are effectively the political and religious leadership of the Covenant and exert complete control over both spheres.
Physically they are weak and prefer to move around via Anti-gravity thrones or gravity belts rather by own body power, but their high ranking within the Covenant ensure that they have absolute command of all other races. This is simplified by the fact that the other Covenant races are religious zealots. They leave the military tasks to the Elites and the other subordinate races. They receive high reverence from the other races who address them as "Hierarchs" or "Holy ones". Their main goal is to achieve the Great Journey for their entire race, no matter the costs.

Elites - Sangheili
(Latin name: Macto Cognatus, meaning, "I honor my father's blood")

The Elites are the military backbone of the Covenant. While Prophets more often had the last word, the Elites organize the Covenant military campaigns and naval engagements. They maintain the military structure and ensure that the Prophet's orders, alongside their own are followed to the letter. Elites also make up the vast Honor Guard that protects the Prophets. They also make up parts of the High Council that rules in conjunction with the Prophets.
Physically speaking the Elites possesses a bodily strength comparable to a Spartan if not greater, and possesses armors acting very much like the Spartan MJOLNIR armors that enhance their strength, coupled with a cunning intellect and excellent knowledge of battlefield tactics makes them a deadly enemy on the battlefield.

Hunters - Lekgolo
(Latin name: Ophis Congregatio, meaning, "Assembly of snakes")

The Hunters are an interesting species among the Covenant. Instead of an individual entity, the Hunters consist of a large collective of worm like creatures that join to form specific assemblages, such as Mgalekgolo or Hunters. Each individual worm-like creature is about 1.4 meters long and posses its own neural central system.
The Hunters are formed into teams of two known as "Bond brothers" and stem from the same colony.
The Hunters are one of the most heavily armed species and can be referred as a walking tank more or less. While they can be taken down easily by heavy weaponry or attacking from behind they still make formidable opponents with their fuel rod cannons.

Jackals - Kig-yar
(Latin name: Perosus Latrunculus, meaning "Hateful bandit")

The Jackals are the main scouts among the Covenant; they are an avian, bird-like race that is known for their swiftness and viciousness. They possess an excellent sense of sight, smell and hearing that makes them excellent for scout but also sniper duty.
An interesting thing to note with the Jackals is that they were a space-faring species long before being inducted into the Covenant, and such they are not faithful followers of the Covenants religion, instead they work more like mercenaries for the Covenant. However it is very likely that they have accepted the Covenant religion after a long time of service. Due to their lack of physical durability they are often seen carrying a portable energy shield alongside their weapon to increase their survivability on the battlefield.

Grunts - Unggoy
(Latin name: Monachus frigus, meaning "Cold Monk")

The Grunts are the lowest ranked species within the Covenant and serve as the main workhorse, while they seem to be cowards and inept at anything, their strengths lie in their numbers, which can ultimately make them a dangerous enemy unless you are careful. Unlike other Covenant species they breathe methane instead of oxygen and must therefore wear large tanks and breathers while operation normally. To remain disciplined they must rely on strong leadership and strength in numbers, but will very often turn and flee or present less resistance if they without a leader. For such a small race they possess a considerable amount of physical strength, which enables them to wield a majority of the Covenant weapons.