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Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak

by Yapping Eevee

Part 1: The Sandcastle test post

Disclaimer: This test post is not designed to showcase the making of a regular update as such, but rather show a little of how the game plays. After all, it's difficult to show off a chunk of an adventure game without spoiling the update that would have covered it. And if we were just to cover the first update, it would be just cutscenes and tutorial.

So instead, let's just poke our noses into the starting area: Sunny Peak.

Ham-Ham Heartbreak is an extraordinarily easy game to control, in that you press B to run, and A to bring up your traditional adventure game command menu. (These translate to Greeting, Sniff, Roll and Dig respectively.)

Moving closer to something that you can interact with adds new options to this list, which means that you don't need to consider 86 different possibilities of what the game wants you to do with something. Handy, if a bit limiting.

If an action is available that you don't know the word for, it will appear only as a question mark.

The main aim of the game is as mentioned in the OP: We're restoring relationships damaged by a cartoonishly evil villain. Most often, this is merely a case of figuring out where to find new Ham-Chats, and then discovering the order you need to use them. Simple, no?

Finding out whose problems we have to solve isn't exactly difficult either, given the prominent broken hearts above their heads.

In addition to the puzzle-solving gameplay, there are also some minor diversions to be had in costume-shopping (using seeds as currency)... well discovering new music to dance to.

To say more would really spoil things, so I hope you all approve of this little glimpse to the game's meagre mechanics and adorable graphics.