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Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak

by Yapping Eevee

Part 4: Seedy squabbles

Update 03: Seedy squabbles

Welcome back, everyone. I promised you a plan, and here it is already in action. Good thing Hamtaro's been keeping his teeth strong!

Hang on a second.

We may have just detected a flaw in this plan.

...Yep. Hope Bijou didn't have her hopes too badly crushed there.

So, uh... Anyone got a Plan B?

Let's ask our casual observer there, for the lack of anything better to do.

Sure, if it could actually go against the current.

...and it should move.

...Oh. I guess that makes sense, given the boat's probably some human child's lost toy.

(Also, Hamtaro now has the knowledge of how to put things down... and I evidently choose a weird frame to capture for it.)

Luckily, we have seen glimpses of what looked like a battery, and on the screen right next to this one no less!

However... Trying to go that way manages to trigger the appearance of something else. A swan-shaped something else, at that.

There's only one option for dealing with this strange occurrence: yell at it until the situation resolves itself.

...Oh. Hello there.

After all, I've got this handy-dandy shell!

Say hello to Seamore, folks. He's a bit of a weird one given other hamsters' attitude toward swimming.

...It is a nice shell though.

You and everyone else in the world.

Something's stuck on my shell, and the silly thing won't come off... Offdoff it for me, will you?

Watch this, folks.

Evidently, hamsters tend to remove things through graceful acrobatics and smoke bombs. They're all tiny little ninjas.

You're welcome, buddy. And is it just me, or would that 'V for victory' shot of Seamore make a good avatar?

Hmm? I'm not sure; it seems to have handles, so... Oh.

...Okay, I'll revise my earlier statement. Seamore is really weird.

Boss has told me all about you! I hope we'll be friends!
You know, I just opened up a Photo Studio in the Clubhouse! Yep! It's ready to go!

Well, that's all fine and dandy, but a little hamster kinda needs that ba-

...And he's gone. Hope that kid wasn't too desperate!

Especially since we can't go back and get it for him just yet. (I'm not sure how Barrette could work with a guy who brings used training seats back from his swimming sessions...)

One problem at a time, I guess.

Sweet flips

*ahem* Anyway... We now have a power source for the boat, and a log mysteriously appears to replace it as a bridge.

And viola! We have everything we need to rescue Bijou! (On a sidenote: It seems Hamtaro's inventory works by shrinking things, judging by what happened to that battery.)

One very short voyage later...

Well, you don't have to worry about that any more, hun.

...came crashing down! If I had been standing underneath it...

Yeah... That would have been unpleasant.

Also, thanks for furthering Hamtaro's Ham-Chat education. Please go on ignoring his lack of basic hamster language, Bijou.

Aw, ain't that sweet.

And with that, we finally have Bijou as our partner! It only took two and a half updates!

Oh yeah, there was that...

Oxnard thinks that Pepper is really angry with him, and so he's depressed as can be. I need to ask Pepper what's going on, but she's up in this high place and I can't talk to her...
Wait a minute!

And we know just how to do that; or rather, where we can learn to do so.

Yeah, yeah.

Just give me a minute...


Seriously though, there is something interesting upstream.

Opposite where we originally found the boat, there's a little treat hidden for us. We can't use this rock just yet, but it may prove handy later on.

Also, who wouldn't want the treasure at the end of the rainbow?

On the way back, we can get a quick glimpse of the game telling us when there's an option we don't have the Ham-Chat for yet. Also...

We can check a few things that Quillpaw mentioned in her handy bonus segments. Oh, and get a shot of Gonktaro again.

Last stop before hitting up the seed-scarfing duo: Another long-distance conversation with Heyhoo-Ham.


That's what I heard...

Hang on... You don't mean...?

Oh, see ya.

...Probably nothing worth worrying about, right?

Anyway, back to these two.

She's adorable!

As the source of your inspiration, I'd hope Hamtaro would get at least that much.

Finally... Now we can reach Pepper's hiding place!

Time to switch!!

And just so you know, inspiring these two to Hamlift with Bijou already present just has them speak these same lines right after we learn it. You actually miss out on quite a lot of dialogue.

Now, let's get on with the show!

...Cute chubby cheeks. I really like Pepper's design overall, actually.


Listen up, okay?

My thoughts exactly, Bijou. I'm not sure Oxnard's capable of hatred.

Come down here so we can talk about it.

Well... Ok...

Okay, at least this is progress. Now, what's the story here?

...likes looking at sunflower seeds more than he likes looking at me.
...At least, that's what I HEARD he said...

...Oh, ouch. What vile fiend could possibly spread such slander?

The solution to this dilemma? Simple; tell her how Oxnard's reacting!

Yep-P. He cries twin waterfalls of sorrow, or however that line goes.

I really don't think he wants me around...

Oxnard was out looking for sunflower seeds for you, Pepper! All for you!

But he said he'd rather look for sunflower seeds than see my face!

...This just keeps getting worse and worse.

Why would anyone lie like that?

Why indeed. What an evil ham-ham, whoever he is.

(Mid-scene Ham-Chat get!)

And with that, Pepper heads off to find that lovable lunk Oxnard.

I'm worried, too, so let's go and check on Oxnard.

Sure thing, Bijou. Gotta make sure it all goes smoothly...

One transition later...

Glad to hear it, buddy.

I just said Oopsie, and he forgave me! Now we can Gossip-P again!

Aw, so cute.


Woah. Nice one, Oxnard.


Look at him. He just couldn't be happier, could he?

Hang on a minute...

Awww yeah. What we just saw there is the Love Meter, that thing Hamtaro unearthed in the Music Room back in the first update. Seems that it got a little power or something from repairing Oxnard and Pepper's relationship... But for what purpose?

Oh well, no use worrying about it! Let's just enjoy the moment!

Well, Hamtaro, let's head back. <3

I'm real glad we could help out too. And yeah, Boss has probably been kept waiting long enough.

...Uh-oh. I think I know who that might be...

...Too bad meeting them will have to wait until next time. See you all then, goons.

Bonus video:

More Ham-Chats, more!