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Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak

by Yapping Eevee

Part 11: Let's get biblical.

Update 10: Let's get biblical.

Welcome back, folks. Having witnessed some strange shenanigans with Penelope and Pashmina, we now find ourselves in conversation with the latter... And I hope that you didn't have anything else you wanted to do first, because the player can't back out of the encounter at this point. Pressing B will close, then instantly re-open the action menu.

Arh! This is why most people get disgusted!

So we're going to have to work our way through this little chat with some good old-fashioned trail and error dialogue tree navigation. And since being friendly didn't work...

We have no choice but to be offensive.

Ooh, new options. Let's see here... What happens if we just try and chat instead of apologising?

No dice. Uh... Heyhoo, Pashmina!

Hmmmm... Well, let's try the apology before we have to resort to poking her.

NOT! You're not off the hook that easily!

Well, can't say we didn't try... And if you're not accepting our apology, you've kind of got this coming.

Poke, poke... poke, poke...

Aaaaaaaaaaaargh!!! You know?!?!?!?!?

Oh, the punctuation abuse. Saying Oopsie has exactly the same result as it did last time around... But maybe we can say that we're worried about her? It's not too late for that, right?

I asked you to apologize, now do it!!

Well, that sure didn't work. And we only get a "I have no idea what you're talking about!" for trying Libert-T. So, we have one one option left... To Scrit-T her face.

So remember, folks: The quickest way forward is to be as aggressive as possible!

Somehow, I don't thinks 'Oops' quite covers it... Especially seeing as the music changed there.


I do believe she did, Bijou. And she's looking awfully guilty about it...


...That was a breakdown almost straight out of HelloWinter's thread. Also, Hamtaro seems to get shoved and knocked about an awful lot.

But enough about that; the chase is on!

Well, looks like everyone wants in on the next scene. But wait, the real Pashmina went after... Oh, no.

I have a bad feeling about this.

Oh, for crying out loud...

Yes, Penelope. This is going to be confusing... and problematic.

Hmmmm... A rousing game of Twenty Questions?

Ohhhh. We know who to ask about old tales, don't we?

But before we try that... Let's see what we can get out of these three.



Um... Yeah, that's not going to work. Both of them use each other's lines if you chat to their counterpart, so there's really no way to tell them apart.

Not by scent...



...Or through violence. So, there's only one thing for it.

Be quiet, you faker!

You're the phony! Phony-baloney!



Uhhh... Okay, there is really only one course of action from here.

Hmmm... In that case, maybe this will help...
Some time ago, in a land somewhere, lived a very wise hamster. One day, two hamsters appeared before him and asked for his aid. "Which of us is the best mother for this child? Please decide." That was the problem... So you see, the wise hamster, in order to see who was the best parent decided... to...

...Well, we got a decent amount of the story out of him. Let's wake Elder Ham up again and hopefully get some more.

Ah, there we go! Time for a good old-fashioned tug of war! ...Or tug of love, maybe?

Thanks, Elder. You were a big help.

Let's get to it, then! There's video for this one, if anyone's interested.

I know! The one who can tuggie on Penelope the hardest cares the most! That will prove who's truthful!

I'm so sorry about this, Penelope.

Looks like we have a clear victor here, folks.


Absolutely decisive.

Figures you wouldn't understand...

...Oh, Spat. How many times are you going to give yourself away like that?

I know that Spat bent the railing when he was trying to tuggie Penelope, but she seems to have some strength behind that lil' body.

Also, that must have been one of those 'evil sparks' Quillpaw mentioned that he was trying to use.

See you later, Spat. It's been fun thwarting your plans as always.

And with that, a powerful friendship is restored. That's our fifth drop of love in the meter, in case anyone's wondering.


So HE was the one who stepped all over Pashmina's scarf!

Of course! Now I see... I thought Penelope was really angry with me.


Oh boy... This one Ham-Chat. I'll admit, I had to pause for a moment here and think about this one the first time I played this game.

It just doesn't seem quite so immediately clear as the ones before it. But oh well, we're almost at the halfway mark for filling our dictionary!


And with that, we can bid adieu to Pashmina and Penelope. There's only one viable lead to follow right now; so, to the dance contest!

There's a new NPC wandering around where Pashmina once stood, but... He has nothing of interest to say.

So, back in the green room... If you remember what the hamster who gave us 'Dizzy for You' said, we can adjust our dancing moves at the mirror here.

The interface is relatively simple: just assign a Ham-Chat from your collection to any of the fruit markers, and they'll be performed at that point in the song.

Then, you can save your routine to one of the three extra slots for that song.

Now, you might be wondering... What sort of dance do you need to win the competition?

Well, you can talk to this guy for a hint... but only after you've competed at least once, and the way to win the first competition is easy. Just don't use the default routine, and come up with your own!

There's a video, if you really want to hear Dizzy for You a few more times. Which judge speaks up seems to be random, but it shouldn't matter so long as you follow that one hamster's advice.

The only important thing to come out of that is the prize for winning the C class competition: an orange hibiscus. We know what to do with that, right? You will win! Good luck!!

Before we head back to the ferry, one quick point to make: There's no point in trying for the B class prize just yet. Sadly, none of our moves shout 'hula!'

So, with our island business out of the way... Let's see if we can't help out the captain and his wife.

And it's all for you, buddy.

This is the perfect gift for our wedding anniversary!!

Oh, yeah... What're you two gonna do?

We want to go, too! Right, Hamtaro?

Yep-P! Wouldn't want to miss this.

Sound the horn, and we're off!

I'm gonna go drop in on the missis for a spell! I appreciate all you've done, mateys!

Will she really be happy with that flower... What do you say we tag along to find out!?

Sure... We've spied on everyone else's romantic moments, after all! Why stop now?

Here's an anniversary gift! Go on, take it!

It went straight behind her ear.

Awww... Gets you right there, doesn't it?

For me? Oh, thank you...

That's enough! You're embarrassin' me!

My hubby's just as sweet as ever... But for me, sometimes, I get to nagging and...

Ah, the symbolism of the red string of fate. It's similar to the concept of 'soulmates', where destined lovers are connected by this crimson thread.

...I think the is implied by this point. Mind you, that's one pretty exaggerated wiggle Bijou managed there.

Bye-bye! Have a good day, Hubby!♥

You too!

And with that, we've saved loving relationship #6!

Our business here at Sandy Bay is finished for the time being, so now we must sadly leave the sun, sand and surf in pursuit of Spat.

As for where we go next, well... You'll just have to wait and see! See you next time, folks!

Bonus video:

Dude, that's totally snorklie.