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by Yapping Eevee

Part 12: The finest in hamster technology

Update 11: The finest in hamster technology

Welcome back, folks. There's no time being wasted today, since right off the bat we're being sent to a new locale. One that many people in the thread seem to like, too.

...Thanks for all your help, Harmony. I don't know what we'd do without you.

Once again, it's up to our two heroes to thwart whatever sinister scheme Spat has in store for hamster-kind today.

You've got to stop that stinker Spat! Go check out Fun Land!

I'm not entirely sure why Bijou acts like it's all on Hamtaro here; she's still coming along.

Oh well... Let's go check out our new locale, shall we?

Fun Land: an amusement park built for hamsters, by hamsters. Episode 19 of the anime has the group build this place, with the yet-unseen Panda supplying the design. Let's take a look around!


Apparently hamsters are smart enough to build teeny-tiny robots, then use them as greeters in their amusement parks. Who knew?

Perhaps that ham-ham next to it can tell us a bit more about it, or at least about the park.

Just a cleaning robot... that's able to recognise new visitors and greet them appropriately? That's some nice forethought, I suppose.

Sure, why not? It's not every day that we get to see hamster-bots in action.

...What are the odds on it exploding during the demonstration?

Works well enough, I guess. I think visitors may be a little freaked out by it vacuuming trash into its maw though.

We finally get half-way done with filling our dictionary by learning Scrub-E...

...and not a moment too soon, as Hamtaro goes trash-diving a moment later.

Lovely. Now, I think it's time we commenced our explorations!

Heading north of the starting position brings us to an arcade/sideshow segment of the park, where there are a selection of fine minigames to play.

We'll check each of them out in a moment though; I spy an NPC to talk to.

...Who has their own special effects.

Make sure you come and catch our show! At the performance area, we can shake paws!

Oh, yes. Fun Land has its own Super Sentai group, the Ham Rangers. Their leader is the only one who wears their head ornament outside of the performances though... But I'm willing to bet most readers will be able to pick out the four other team members from this update.

Oh, and it's no use trying to attack Ham Red. His reflexes are just too good for that.

And yet you dare to attack me?!?

...I never watched that sort of show as a kid, but I like the cut of Ham Red's jib.

His toy must come with super stomping action, too.

On to the minigames, now! Our first stop is on the left, Stickie Note.

...I beg to differ, if only because I'm actually quite terrible at this minigame.

The aim of the game here is to move left and right on that conveyor belt contraption, pressing A to have Hamtaro jab coloured notes falling down from above. White notes are worth 10 points, Blue are worth 30 and Pink worth 50. There's also the occasional hard-to-hit clock that adds to the timer.

It ends up taking me five or six tries to get the only worthwhile prize out of the game, and that's the one with the second-lowest score requirement! You can watch a video of the winning run, if you like.

Oh, and as for the prizes of this minigame:

Stickie Note posted:

400-590 points - 3 Sunflower Seeds.
600-790 points - Green Marble, or 1 Acorn after the first.
800-990 points - 1 Rock.
1000-1190 points - 2 Rocks.
Over 1200 points - 3 Rocks.

Don't strain yourself trying to get rocks here; just grab the marble and never look back.

Next stop: Tic Tack-Q, a game of patience.

You get a total of four balls to launch at the balloons passing in front of you, with the aim being to get as many lines on your grid filled as possible. (Ideally, you want to have all nine numbers then.) There are a number of different balloons in play...

Tic Tack-Q Balloons posted:

Normal (white): Gives the single number it displays.
W (red): Gives both of the numbers it cycles through.
Roulette (green): Gives whichever number is showing when it bursts.
Speed Up/Down: Changes the speed the balloons move past you.
Explosive (orange and yellow on blue background): Bursts the balloon either side of it.
Reverse (white with yellow arrow): Changes the direction of the balloons' movement.
One-up: Gives an extra ball.
Poison: 'Something will happen...' Removes some of the numbers you've already grabbed from your grid.

As for prizes:

Tic Tack-Q Prizes posted:

1 Line: 3 Sunflower Seeds
3 Lines: 1 Acorn
5 Lines: 1 Rock
6 Lines: 2 Acorns
Perfect Award: Flower Waltz, or 5 Rocks after the first.

I actually like Tic Tack-Q, even if you do have to wait around a bit for good opportunities. And if it's not for you, there's the option to let the game play for you. Again, here's a video of a winning run (which is still far from riveting).

Our special prize, Flower Waltz, is a small extract from a tune used in 'The Nutcracker'... which is why it may sound familiar to those who listen. It's not the only Ham-Jam based on famous music, either.

Anyway, before we move on to the third and final minigame... There's one more thing to do here.

I think you should know, hamsters who do mean things turn delin-Q!

Ah, the Japanese delinquent look. All it needs are the high-collar school uniforms, maybe an Elvis-style quiff.

Show me how well you can work together, and you may just walk away with an extremely rare prize!

Now that we have the ability to pull sweet shades out of nowhere, let's move on to Digdig It, the type of card-matching minigame that savestates were made to cheese.

There's no video for this one, incidentally. It's just Bijou walking over to a patch of dirt and holding up the card she finds, then Hamtaro having to choose one.

Aside from the four pairs (hearts, clubs, spades, diamonds), there's also a Joker in the ninth patch of dirt, which has no matching card. It's just there to ruin your game.

But on the plus side, even though it doesn't have a unique prize of its own... Digdig It will give out prizes for any pairs you matched, plus an extra if you get them all.

Digdig It Prizes posted:

Spades: 2 Acorns
Diamonds: 10 Sunflower Seeds
Hearts: 3 Rocks
Clubs: 1 Rock
Perfect game: 5 Rocks

So, managing to get a perfect game earns you all five prizes for minimal effort, which include a fantastic nine rocks!

There's nothing more to be done in the minigame area for right now, so let's get back to exploration.

Heading west of the entrance brings us to a popcorn stand, where this family is enjoying a nice day out together.

Daddy caught it for me!

Well, aren't you just lovely hamsters.

Oh, and as long as we're here... The popcorn's only 5 sunflower seeds.

So, might as well have some!

Heading north from here takes our heroes to a nice little rest area, where there's not much to see.

...Moving swiftly along, then.

Moving north again leads us to the location of the park's Super Coaster, and brings another familiar face... once we get it out of that book!

This introduction sums up Maxwell pretty well, honestly. He loves to read, and knows plenty about science and literature.

Are you here to ride the Super Coaster?

Maybe you'll run into them today... Me? I'm just going to hang out here. This book has really caught my interest.

Oh, Maxwell... Coming to an amusement park, then spending the day with your nose in a book. Typical.

Nevermind him, though; we have seeeeecrets to suss out! The path that leads to this dirt patch isn't immediately obvious, but it's worth sneaking around here.

Now, let's see if we can't catch a ride on the Super Coaster while we're here!

What in the world's going on?!?

...Oh, perhaps not.

Hey, wasn't that...?

Yep, that's Sandy and Stan trapped on there! We should probably do something to save them...

This has never happened before... Maybe something's gone wrong in the Control Room?!?

Ah, that sounds like a good place to look. Let's keep an eye out for that as we keep walking around Fun Land.

Back down the stairs and moving east, we arrive at the Ham Rangers performance area... Or rather, the entrance to it.

There, the amazing Ham Rangers will astound you with their show! ...They're still setting things up right now.

We'll have to come back and catch a performance later, then.

Oh, and this guy was sleeping a few steps south of that attendant. He's unreachable until you Tack-Q the drinking fountain to wake him up.

A guy can't even enjoy a nice nap...

Sorry, buddy.

On a day like today, a nap is...

...We should introduce you to Snoozer. You two could have slumber parties together.

Moving swiftly along once more...

Soon! I think it will be repaired soon. Please be patient a little longer.

Well, seems another ride isn't working as advertised. What could be going on in that Control Room...?

Hey, just chill out. Go eat some popcorn or something.

For some reason, the Tea Cups aren't working right now. What could they be doing in the Control Room?

My question exactly, good ham.

I wonder what's going on...

East again, and we find our third misbehaving ride. There's going to be some real trouble at this rate...

Why? That's the question I want answered! Must be something in the Control Room. That's my guess...

Yes, thank you. I would hope that we've got the message by this point.

...What's this guy's problem? speak. He just trips over his tongue... And now! The ferris wheel isn't moving. When it rains, it pours!

Ah... A date disrupted by this problem! And when it was going poorly to begin with... That can only mean one thing, can't it?

Before we continue going south and continuing on our circuit of the park... Let's take a peek at the facilities.

Yep, that's about right. Moving on!

South of the ferris wheel, we pass through another rest area...

...and into a place where balloons were apparently being sold, which is also the screen directly east of the entrance. We've almost come full circle!

The area's Ham Boutique is located here, as is one final path... So we know where the Control Room must be!

But first... Let's stuff around with the balloons a bit. We can Stickie them, but there's a more interesting option.

...Do we want to know why you were hiding in there, lady?

Okay then...

I don't even know what this is about, folks.

But now that we've talked to and learnt a word from that bizzaroo hamster, let's head down this final path.

Ah, I see our friend has tied someone else up. If you come here before witnessing the misbehaving rides, that hamster is operating what Hamtaro only recognises as a 'big machine'.

So how terribly unfortunate, pfpth! I have taken over this... Control Room!!

I'll make 'em all so unpleasant that the couples will stop luuuving, pfpth!

Well... You've upset five hamsters at least, so your large-scale evil deed seems to be working so far.

Don't try to stop me, or I'll run the Super Coaster at top speed and send 'em all flying everywhere, pfpth-HH!

...You fiend! Stan and Sandy are on there...

But still, Hamtaro isn't afraid of you, buddy.


Okay, that only made him mad. Plan B!

Let's see if freeing this guy will help.

No problem, dude. Now, do you any ideas on how t-

Whoa, hang on!

...That had to hurt.

You don't say...

Would you go find the hamster with the robot and heyhoo for him? I'm sure Ham-O-Matic...

Ah, now that's a better idea. Let's try and sic the robot on him!

...the main entrance. I'm counting on you!

Okay, I like this plan! But since things have gone on long enough for one update, let's save it for the next one. See you then, folks!

Bonus video:

Delin-Q to the bone.