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Part 13: Trash and Tribulations

Update 12: Trash and Tribulations

Welcome back, folks. We return now to another Spat situation, already in progress.

...I think somebody fancies himself as an action hero, given all the dramatic posing.

Now, we could rush straight back to the Control Room and see how Ham-O-Matic fares... But we have a newly relocated NPC to deal with first.

...Uh, wait...this is good timing, because I need to get something off my chest before I explode! You WILL listen, right?

Sure, why not? I'm sure Hamtaro and Bijou would be happy to lend an ear.

Not a single ride is working! How's that fun? More like Lame Land... How am I supposed to enjoy myself? Can you tell me?


Mmm-hmm... Sometimes, you just need to shout about stuff.

Not on your life! I came to Fun Land to have fun, and I'm not leaving till then!♥ To chukchuk that idea now would be admitting defeat, right?♪

Catch ya later, buddy. Thanks for the new Ham-Chat.

Now... On to the Control Room!

What you're doing is... objectionable! (Oh, and have a video.)

Looks like Ham-O-Matic's got this one in the bag.

...Or perhaps not.

Figures the cleaning robot wouldn't be made combat-ready until at least after its primary function is through the testing phase.

Well, that was kind of ineffective... And either Spat's got one mighty swing, or Ham-O-Matic is really poorly balanced despite its five wheels.

So... What are we going to do now?

It's okay, buddy. Not realising the potential threat of some bizzaroo hamster in a suit showing up out of the blue and attacking your amusement park... That's pretty forgivable.

Good to know Ham-O-Matic's made of sturdier stuff than most.

...Hang on a minute.

I've got an idea.

Our protagonists, ladies and gentlemen!

...Hopefully Spat doesn't realise he could [W]ipe his face.

It's far from an elegant solution, but sometimes you've just got to get your paws dirty.

Now... Sic 'em, Mr. Robot!

I can only imagine that it's pretty painful being gripped by Ham-O-Matic's claws, given how quickly Spat wiggles when he's picked up.

Hmmmm... I don't know, actually. Near wherever our next locale ends up being, I imagine.

...Come to think of it, why can the cleaning robot fly? Don't think we'll ever get an answer to that one either.

Nor an answer to why Tiptop's animation involves a giant flower. I mean, I can see what they were going for, but...

Oh well, who cares?

Just so long as everyone's happy.

I'm sure there are lots of guests waiting!

...And with that, Fun Land is restored to normal. Time to go enjoy some rides!

Well, okay. I'll give you that one.

Anyway, first stop on our ride-trying tour... Hang on, the nervous boyfriend hamster is gone. date went to the restroom and hasn't come back. And now the Ferris Wheel is running again. Why is this happening?!

That's kinda rough, hun.

But unfortunately we can't help you out just yet, so... Just sit there and wait for now, I guess.

Before we go anywhere else, though: Ferris Wheel ride!

As a sidenote, I'd like to mention that the animations for the Fun Land rides are apparently way more intensive than regular gameplay. I think that all of the .gifs for them are just under 2MB after optimization, and that's at 10 frames per second.

Still, never mind about that. Stan and Sandy have finally appeared somewhere we can talk to them after we stopped the Super Coaster from trying to kill them.

They don't seem to be in the best of moods, though.

Would you listen to this? We came all the way to Fun Land with Maxwell, but all he's done is read his book! That's so... boring!

Ah... Figures it would be something about that. What does Stan have to say about it?

...I think these two pictures serve as pretty strong support of what Quillpaw said about this guy.

Honestly, I'm only here because my sister asked to spend the day with me and Maxwell. Now all that guy wants to do is read a book?! How fun is that?! And now my sister's all upset, and...

That is really pretty rough, I have to admit. As much fun as reading can be, you really should spend some time with your friends if they went to the trouble of inviting you on a day out.

So let's say that we're shocked by this too (even though it should have been entirely foreseeable by anyone who knew Maxwell).

...Hamtaro gets no respect off Stan. Not here, at least.

That's it! Listen, I've a great idea. Will you hamteam with me and lend a paw? It's for my younger sister, so please?!

Sure, we can do this for Sandy. Also, apparently Stan was born first out of the twins... Or perhaps he just likes to think that way.

Here it is... It's simple, just take Maxwell's book from him! That'll get him, right? So...just walk up and offdoff it. How's that sound?

Honestly, I have nothing worth adding to Hamtaro and Bijou's reactions here.

Oh, alright. We'll give it a shot.

Trekking two screens west, we pass the performance area (where they're sadly still setting up)...

...and prepare to bother Maxwell with what is surely a terrible plan.


How terribly observant of you, Maxwell.


Okay... That went about as well as I expected.

That would be a big fat negative, buddy.

I don't know why they decided to experiment with reactions here, but every conversation with Stan has Hamtaro and Bijou turning to the camera a few times, just to show us what they think.

It's also pretty much what I'm thinking at any given point.

Our mistake last time was trying to take his book. Clearly, that was wrong. So, we should just tell him that we're trying to heyhoo for him.

Of course, he'll put down his book and come on over! Go try it. I'll be right here waiting for the good news!

Stan could stand to do his own leg-work, but I'll admit that this is a better plan than the last one.


The game actually asks if you want to try that again, and progress demands saying Yep-P.

Could you please make your noise elsewhere?

Okay, no dice there either. We can actually try Heyhoo one more time, but...

That doesn't do us any good.

It's getting to be about that time again, so let's break here and see Stan's next great idea for dealing with Maxwell, as well as what else is happening in Fun Land... next time! (The next one should hopefully come a bit quicker!)

Bonus video:

Let us engage in Jolly Hamteam.