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Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak

by Yapping Eevee

Part 14: Exaggerated character traits.

Update 13: Exaggerated character traits.

Welcome back to the Maxwell situation, folks. I hate to say it, but... Stan, both your ideas were a bust.

The nerve of that guy! He knows we're tryin' to heyhoo for him, yet he's ignoring us! Unforgivable!!

Somebody's losing his temper...

Oh, here we go again.

...Oh? Leaving aside the lack of respect Hamtaro gets again, it's our turn to come up with a plan to get Maxwell's nose out of his book. Well, let me see...

...Truly, we are spoilt for choice. This is one moment where a little more freedom in choosing Ham-Chats might have been nice; but on the bright side, it's the only moment so far I've felt that way.

Sure, let's try it. It's not like we have any better ideas.

Blash-T!! Tell Maxwell we're getting blash-T at him! Can you do that? He'll have to put his book down when he hears that! Right?

No, it WILL work! Go try it. I'll be right here waiting for the good news!

Well, here goes nothing. There's a .gif of this one, because there's a bunch of unique animations in it.

...That went spectacularly poorly. Back to Stan we go...

How did it go? This time it was perfect, right?

Nope! Not even close.

This has just been a cavalcade of failures, hasn't it?

Oh, my dear sister!

Figures it would be Hamtaro getting the blame. Well, at least Stan acknowledged his existence again.

Why don't we forget him and enjoy ourselves?

...That's a pretty massive promise, coming from Stan.

I can't say no to that. Today's our day to minglie together.

You got it, sis!


Odds are good that we've finally found that unknown option for interacting with Maxwell, and it's pretty groovy.

Maxwell... Come out and ming-glieeee~

Look around! Look at this weather!

Is that right?

Exact-a-mundo, champ.

...minglie all we can, or the day's wasted!

And he finally gets it, ladies and gents!

...and... minglie!!

Thank goodness for that.

Now it's time for our usual listening-in on other hamsters' conversations.

Where's your book?

After no small amount of effort...

What do you say? Let's minglie!


You bet!

Sandy showing off her gymnast's sense of balance there, in a fine display.


Those two head off to enjoy the Tea Cups... We'll go and join them in a minute.

I'm really glad I asked for your help!

You're welcome, Stan. You may be a shameless flirt, but you're still a good guy.


"Look out, girls" indeed...

Anyway, I believe we were going to try the rest of Fun Land's rides before we ended up having to help out our friends. So, let's try the Tea Cups.

...I hope that's more fun than it looks. I've never tried it, so I wouldn't know.

Too much twirlie, and you get dizzy...

I would imagine that's the point, no?

Uh... Sandy...

...Oh well. Sorry, Maxwell!

Ah, and Stan's back again. Why so glum, chum?

Even I have trouble meeting girls when their boyfriends are hanging around.

Figures it would be something like that. What'cha gonna do, Stan?


Well, OK then! I'm off to find her!!

My thoughts exactly, you two.

...Also, if anyone ends up getting a Stan avatar, "I am the luuuuv hamster!" has to be the title that goes with it.

Moving on for now, though; we have one more ride left to try. Bring on the Super Coaster!

Oh, hell no. You wouldn't get me on that thing.

...And was it just me, or did we see something there?

The less said about that the better, I think. Let's soothe Hamtaro's frazzled nerves by finishing up the last few things we can do here in Fun Land.

Teamwork is the key! Work together if you want to succeed! Keep up the good work and goodgo!

+1 luck!

Last but not least, over at the popcorn stand...

I see the family outing has reached that special part of the day where everyone hates everyone else.

Oh... That is a problem.

Also, this just in: Hamsters have pockets.

Eep! Your wife's scary when she's angry.

And off he goes! Let's see if we can't help their kid relax or something...

...Ah. That would be why the argument was so heated.

I said that without your father's wallet we can't buy any!

Please don't be concerned.

I'm no expert, but I'm not entirely sure that's good parenting... Maybe we can help the father find his wallet.

This makes me sad. I dropped my wallet... I wonder where else I could have dropped it... Where was I before I got here...? Ha ha ha...

Mind like a sieve, it seems... And sadly, we can't lend a paw just yet. We need some way to jog his memory first.

With that little problem placed on the back-burner (along with the failing date and the love note for a blue-tailed hamster), we're finished with Fun Land for now.

A quick stop back at the Clubhouse yields another visit from Harmony, which is word-for-word the same as the last one aside from the name of our new locale.

So, I hope you can all join me next time, as we visit Boo Manor... I wonder if Lady Bow will be there.

Bonus video:

Maxwell made Sandy twirlie around!