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Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak

by Yapping Eevee

Part 21: No mythgraven blades here.

Update 20: No mythgraven blades here.

Hey, folks! Having successfully dealt with Spat’s hat-stealing scheme and made a new pair of buddies, it’s time for us to return to the Wildwoods and see what else there is to do.

There’s been a slight change in the area since we left, but thankfully it’s an obvious one. Bog is wandering around near the entrance; so, let’s see what’s up.

Bog still no catch hot spring egg…

I think Bog might be my favourite NPC in this game. He’s just so…

We could hand over the hot spring egg we found earlier, but… What’s this other option do?

Bog scolded… Bog surprised…

Maybe teasing the big Tarzan-esque hamster wasn’t the best move…

But Bog…

Bog no worry!

…Oh, Bog.

Anyway, let’s not be mean to him. The big fella more than earned a reward for his hamteam efforts.

Mmm-hmm! Go on, you deserve it.

It’s all yours, buddy.

This game just keeps getting more and more .

…A secret skill? Awesome!

Half of the Ham-Chats we get seem to be either magic or ninja tricks… So it’s good that we get to balance that out with some sweet vine-swinging action.

Mmm-hmm! Pity that the Wildwoods is the only place with vines, though.

The vine that Bog used to demonstrate only takes you to the screen beside it, so there’s not much point to using that one. The vine that's actually useful is here in the musical area.

Hang on… Is that…?

Yep, it’s this area’s rock-filled cave!

…What? There was something else out there?

Oh, yeah. This here is Jingle, travelling musician.

Naturally, this means he’s kind of… spaced out, a lot of the time.

Also, he can’t remember Hamtaro’s name to save his life.

Good question! What is our guest star clubhouse member doing here?

I seem to remember something about playing music, but…

It feels so good that everything else just fades away!♪

Ah… Jingle must be our errant wedding singer. Or at least, he’ll make a decent replacement.

Attempts to use force in shifting him are rather fruitless, though.

Perhaps this will work a little better.

Guess I should get going. For reminding me, I say thank-Q.♪

You’re welcome, Jingle. Now, just make sure you get there this time.

We had better get going, too. That way we can keep an eye on him…

Swinging on that vine brings us down just south of the entrance, where Jingle’s music has given way to the woodland’s tune once more.

A quick trip over to the village, and…

Of course! Without you, we couldn’t start the wedding! Come along… Please come into the village.

Seems like that went pretty well. Hopefully the wedding will go nice and smoothly now.

Then again… Spat is in the area.

Better not risk it.

Fortunately, Hamtaro and Bijou are allowed into the wedding despite being outsiders... and being the only guests not taking part in the ceremony itself.

Now that our wedding singer's here, let's begin the wedding! Let's begin!

I've got to admit, this whole firepit and carved masks bit is pretty awesome. Are there going to be native dances later?

...Hang on a minute. Is that another marble?

Boy, I sure hope our green and blue marbles don't belong to these villagers as well. That might turn ugly...


And speaking of things turning ugly...

I'm an uninvited guest who's here for the marble, pfpth!

Yep, he's back.

...Hamtaro really needs to bulk up some more, so he stops getting overrun like that.

But never mind about that; we have another crisis on our hands.

And so it has come to pass... The legend born so many generations ago...
"A wicked one will appear and steal the red marble, plunging all into deep sorrow."

How curious... Personally I'd be more tempted to call this a prophecy, but we are dealing with a younger intended audience here.

We have to go and get the red marble back!

Well, guess that's that. Time to become heroes of legend!

Proper heroes of legend always talk and listen to all the NPCs. Unlike four certain swordsmen I can think of...

Heroes also mess around a lot when everyone's expecting them to rush off and save the day, so clearly my schedule slippage must be okay.

I see Jingle's still as chill as ever. He probably didn't even really notice Spat.

The rest of the generic villagers all say the same thing, and the elder just repeats his last line, so... Onward!

Hmm? Why are we stopping out here?

You mean, aside from Spat repeatedly showing up to ruin everyone's loving relationships?

...That sure looks like it hurt.

My slingshot has the "Inventor's Seal of Approval." That's why I'm the Bulls-Eye Kid!

...What a creepy-faced little monster. Why would the inventor give a slingshot to such a brat?

Well, no use worrying about that right now. We have a true villain to take care of!

Let's see if we can get his attention... No sense in wading through that bog if we don't need to.

Don't tell me... you're not here for tea? Hmm...? Oh, the red marble? Pfpth!

As appealing as sitting down to tea with you sounds, I'm pretty sure the marble's the better prize.

Bwaa haa haaa!

Hmm... What's the catch?

Bwaa haa haaa!

...That's it? That's not much of a catch, Spat.

Okay, now you're asking for it!

We're going to swim over right n-

Never. We are never going to swim over there.

Instead, let's go for a quick Spot check. Or Spat check, if you will.

Say, Hamtaro. See that beehive right there over Spat's head?

...Why yes, I believe I do.

That'll shift the little troublemaker for sure.

And since we have this branch Spat threw at our heroes, we just need a good elastic band to make our very own ranged weapon. Let's try checking the village for one.

The Bulls-Eye Kid stages another ambush along the way, but he runs off into the village this time. Maybe we can catch him while we're there!

The main area of the village still has the elder and the two lovebirds hanging around, but the now-unmasked hamsters have things to say. They all have the same face, but I trust you can discern when a new one's speaking, dear reader.

Heeeeee! Heeelllppp! Heeelllppp!

Haa... What will happen to our village?

The wicked one went to the swamp near the middle of the woods. <beat> Gadzooks, no! I don't ever want to see that horrible hamster again!

That beat was inserted by me, for the record. For some reason, that last guy acts like Hamtaro suggested for them to go after Spat.

Anyway, nothing going on here. Let's try... left, first!

Couple of houses, one upset child. Well, it's a start.


...But, but Daddy said that after the wedding he would minglie with me! And I don't want to wait anymore!

Ah... Oh, alright. The wedding can wait a little bit longer.

Let's Play Minglie, kid.

A few rounds of Tag and some funny faces later...

You're welcome, kid. Hamtaro and Bijou looked like they were having fun.

No worries; the plot won't move until we make it, y'know?

Well, now... That seems like a fine note to end things on, doesn't it? However, it's been far too long since the last update, so let's go a little longer.

Next up, exploring these houses. We'll go left first as per tradition.

...Seems the villagers here are all about sparse, simple furnishings and decorations.

Whoa there, lady!

Uh... Never mind. We'll just be going now.

After all, we got what we could out of her: the Ham-Chat that just screams 'hula'. (How many of you remembered that?)

Over in the other hut, we bump into a familiar face.

Oh, c'mon! Buy somethin'!

...But, I'd like to check with my husband first...

...Not having much luck today, Sales-ham?

You looking to buy? I can feel it! Have I got a deal for you!

Well, actually... If you happen to have...

Ah, that's the one.

They're selling so fast! I've only got one left!

For a limited time, it's five sunflower seeds!

We already know why we need this, thankfully. The usual haggling for a one sunflower seed discount occurs, and...

...Here you go!

Seems I'm all sold out! See ya!

Um... Bye-Q, I guess.

Still, we saved this hamster from getting pressured into buying something she didn't need, and we got our second slingshot component!

We could explore the right side of the village, but we know that the Bulls-Eye kid has to be over there; it might be wise to get our own slingshot made first.

And remember, such a complicated device requires the "Inventor's Seal of Approval".

O mighty inventor, please put this together for us. It is beyond our mortal keen.

...Well, he's definitely an inventor.

Dum de dum...

Huzzah! Now, which Ham-Chat do we use to fire it?

...Thank you so much for explaining that to us.

Well, that sure happened... Next time, we'll be exploring the right side of the village, confronting the Bulls-Eye kid, and hopefully getting the stolen marble back! I'll see you then, folks.

Trust me, you won't want to miss this one.

Bonus video:

Bye-Q, everybody... I've got to go...