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Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak

by Yapping Eevee

Part 22: The big pay-off.

Update 21: The big pay-off.

Hey there, everyone! As promised, we're going to start off this update by poking around on the east side of the village. With luck, we'll be able to find the Bulls-Eye Kid hiding over there.

...Or he could be right here, pinging those guards in the face.

Nyuh huh huh!

I kind of doubt that, since you seem to say that to everybody you attack. Besides, your targets have all been stationary. Hardly impressive.

Well, looks like he's slipped away again. We'll get him next time for sure, though!

...That's why he has a Hamapult! Perhaps those two should stop being so wrapped up in what they're doing, and actually try to raise their kid right.

Don't worry, buddy. We'll get straight on that.

...Right after we poke around a bit. The little hut here seems rather empty, sadly.

This place, on the other hand...

Be warned! You should not enter without good reason.

This must be a pretty swanky joint! Let's go inside and meet the lady of the house.

(The other guard says almost exactly the same thing.)


I immediately regret this decision.

This hamster's supposed to be female? I call shenanigans.

But...I have a...problem...

I'll say you do. Yeesh.

...A veil, perhaps?

All joking aside, this rather bizarroo lady wants something that we don't have, and indeed something we won't get for quite some time.

We can show her something else we've got, though.

It seems that she somehow noticed the letter we found way back when...

Yep, the one that got pushed to shore when Seamore rescued Barrette! Remember that?

My apologies, everyone.

Huh... So this strange lady is responsible for Hamtaro and Bijou's discovery of the treasure island, where the ferry captain was hiding out. That's a neat little bit of detail.

Before we head out again, just a quick look at the mansion's decor.

...Plus, a quick check on whether or not we can rob this lady. Sadly, the answer is no.

Back outside the village now, there's another of the Bulls-Eye Kid's ambushes to go through.

There's no escape! I can't miss!

However, having the completed Hamapult means that the Kid now brings about his own doom.

Obtained Aim augment.

Ah, now that's satisfying. It's also the last we will ever see of the Bulls-Eye Kid... My apologies to all the readers who liked him.

Hamscope is a rather strange Ham-Chat, given that we have to direct the crosshairs ourselves. Make sure you have good aim!

Now, back to dealing with the real issue at hand... Let's see how Spat likes this!

Oooh, nice dodge. Time to get serious, then.

This segment is going to be rather GIF-heavy, but it's also available in video form.

Oh, this is going to be good.

If you're watching the video, I apologise for the awful sound these bees make.

Well, at least Spat knows one trick for escaping from bees.

Of course, there is one problem with his plan... aside from the breath-holding business.


...Wait for it...

There we go.

Yep... Poor ol' Spat just can't catch a break when Hamtaro and Bijou are around.

Well, now that we've recovered the red marble, we should probably go give it back.

(Also, that's what the game railroads you into doing.)

Hey there, you two. We were, uh... just going to get this polished for you, yeah. It's been in a swamp, you know.

One transition later...

How did you do this? Did you retrieve it from the wicked one?

You bet we did, old ham. Or rather, Mr. Mayor.

Ohh! Amazing!

Ah, that's okay... Hamtaro and Bijou do this sort of thing all the time.

(In the interest of full disclosure, you can just try and return the marble to the engaged couple instead of leaving with it. The dialogue will be almost exactly the same.)

Now, I believe these two have waited long enough.

Everyone's eager to see them get hitched.

And indeed, they seem to have gotten over their nerves while waiting for the marble's return.

It's a simple ceremony, but a touching one.

Jingle and the villagers are even working together to provide a unique tune for the happy couple.

And with all of that, at last a new marriage is born.

This has all been a great success, so I think Hamtaro and Bijou deserve this little moment.

Yeah, Jingle. You did a fine job.

Aw, shucks.

We are going to live happily and protect our vast-T woods home!♥

C'mon everyone! Let's parrrrrty~!

Fading in again some time later, the wedding party seems to have been a rousing success.

We managed to snag a new Ham-Chat from the bride, and now we have a bunch of NPCs to talk to again.

Mostly important, we need to have a chat with the mayor.

The legend I told... Well, I never finished the entire story... I now remember the rest.
"If hamsters are born of enough might to get the red marble, then they are heroes of legend, and the reward will be the red marble. Doing so will help the heroes defeat the wicked one for good."

That's right, official heroes of legend, right here!

Thank you, Mr. Mayor.

Mmm, yes... Soon, Spat will really get what's coming to him.

But first, there are a few things to go over before we finish up.

A quick round of chatting with the locals, first.

Come in, sit, and relax! Ga ha ha ha...

...That's something we could never do! Ha ha...

Seems that there's varied reactions to the wedding and to our heroes' actions, just as a nice bit of flavour text.

Meanwhile, the married couple have already moved in to the empty hut next to the mansion.


...This really is the most game.

Up where the wedding tree is, Bijou also has a little something to say... Hamtaro misses the point as usual, though.

Now, before this update ends... There are still things to do here. The inventor and our good friend Bog both need a hand, now that we've finished the wedding scene.

However, let's end on a bang here. We have a green marble, a red marble and a blue marble.

And, way back when, we found something with three rounded openings. So, I'll leave you now with a video of what happens when we try to use these things together.

Bonus video:

We're at least as well armed as Young Link.