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Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak

by Yapping Eevee

Part 23: It's more backlash than most heroes get.

Update 22: It's more backlash than most heroes get.

Hey there, folks! Last time, we paid a little visit to Sunny Peak in the hopes of uncovering a legendary item… which didn't quite turn out as expected. Let’s get back to the Wildwoods, shall we?

In case you don’t remember the main map, there’s only one more landmark for us to go to; that makes this the last bit of optional content we’ll be doing before the end of the main story.

So, let's help our good buddy Bog one more time!

Monkey no like Bog. Why? Bog no understand.

Please don’t be sad, Bog.

That’s a good question… Let’s look at this monkey.

...Wait a minute.



I think we may have poisoned Bog’s friend.

There’s only one way to get a response out of him, too.

Oh, boy. This is bad.

…Well, we don’t know for sure that it was us…


Okay, so much for that.

Um… What are we gonna do about this, then? Seeing as how it’s Hamtaro and Bijou’s fault and all…

Bog’s the ham with a plan.

In a high place… Hmm…

Can get medicine fruit with slingshot!!

Sweet, team-up time with Bog!

Hamtaro wonders how he got swept up in all this, it seems.

Always happy to help out, especially when it’s Bog. Also, guilt and all that stuff.

My stomach hurts, kii…

Okay, time for some action! Let’s go get that medicine fruit!

Bog will follow Hamtaro for now…

…but he won’t leave the woods, sadly enough. There’s nothing else to do at the moment, so let’s get on with the task at hand.

As you may remember from the exploration update, there’s this purple fruit at the northwest part of the area, which we couldn’t reach until now. And as before, an unseen bird cries out when Hamtaro enters.

Well, that was easy…

…Oh. Those are some unfriendly-looking birds.

Things can never go smoothly on a hero’s quest, can they? Still, that means...

It’s time for our second boss fight!

There’s a small video available if you want to see this fight in motion, since it defies all attempts to make a good .gif of the action. Bog and the parakeet gang move at different speeds along different length paths, so one or the other would jump suddenly whenever an attempted gif looped.

The concept of the fight is simple: the bluish parakeets fly in circles around their leader, shielding them from Hamtaro’s shots. The player must time it so that their shot passes between the outer birds.

Failure will result in Bog getting attacked…

…and failing three times will get you kicked out of the fight.

Fortunately, there’s no penalty for retrying.

The gang leader itself only takes two hits to take down, so this fight shouldn’t cause too much hassle once you get the timing down. We got to hear the sweet boss music again, too.

The parakeet gang are sore losers, but who cares? We got what we came for!

And now, we can relieve the monkey’s tummy-ache.

That medicine fruit sure works quickly!

Bog’s on top of the world to have his best buddy back.

Also, Hamtaro and Bijou can now push heavy rocks.


But not just Bog save Monkey! Hamtaro and Bijou help, too!

Oh no… Really, don’t call any attention to-

…Well. Uh… That is to say…


Well, that went about as well as could be expected. With any luck, the monkey will have calmed down when we head back.

...Bog, you're a real class act.

...true, ukii! The best is having a true friend, ukii. Unlike a certain mean couple I know, ukii.

I guess simmering resentment is better than having the monkey quaking with rage.

Hamha, Bog!

Yes, Bog. You still great.

The only place left to go in the Wildwoods is to the inventor's place, but let's pay a quick visit to Jingle while we're in the neighbourhood.

Yeah, it is a pretty nice spot... Have you got anything else to say to us?


Yeah, I don't know.

We'll just leave Jingle to it, and continue on toward the inventor's place.

Why so glum, chum?

Ah, that is problematic. Still, it can't be that hard to design a catapult.

...I can't find anything that works...


You have got to be kidding me.

Not only are you being severely dense, but your wife is standing right there, dude! Way to be a total jerk.

The inventor's wife promptly starts flailing about once we've spoken to him, so let's hear what she's got to say.

Help me, please! I once saw something...

Would you go and bring it back here? I have a feeling it may be very useful in my husband's research! You'll do it, won't you?

Sure we will, hun. Your husband's kind of full of himself, but I'm sure we can help you out anyway.


So devoted and bashful, this one. Luckily for her, we have just what she needs...

...Yep. We're going to give her the legendary Spoon!

You're technically supposed to come here before discovering the spoon, but then it just isn't as dramatic. You'd already know what you were pulling out of the stone.


Why, I do believe he's learnt his lesson.

He's still hopeless, though.

The screen fades to black for a moment, and a loud THUNK is heard...

Now bigger and better than ever before, hmm?

Oooh... This seems promising.

All of my inventions were only possible because of your constant support...

D'awwwww. Ain't that sweet, folks?

Also, we finally broke eighty on our Ham-Chat collection! Only six more to go, and the dictionary will be complete!

On top of all that, this counts as our nineteenth drop of love, the last one we'll get before the end-game. We're on the home stretch!

...Ah, that poor lady. He may be getting better, but he's still a little oblivious.

As a token of my thanks, I'd like to lend you the Hamapult 2! To be honest, I think it still needs a bit of fine tuning... It should take no time at all, so come back after a bit.


Sweet, now we have a standing offer of Hamapult usage. I'm sure that will never come up again...

We'll see you around, hun. You two take good care of each other, hmm?

With all of that taken care of, let's mosey on back to the Clubhouse and see what Harmony has to say.

Hang on, where?

Seriously?! (Next time: The endgame happens!)

Bonus video:

Bog probably has Heroic Combat.