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Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak

by Yapping Eevee

Part 26: Finale.

Update 25: Finale.

Hey, folks! We're going to hit the ground running on this one, so I hope you're ready for dialogue!

Hmm? This looks kinda cushy for a holding cell.

Turns out that even now, in the last stages of the game... Hamtaro simply cannot take a hit.

Hang on a minute, hun. What was all that screaming, the grisly noises we heard earlier?


"No! Don't add any more crimes to your conscience..."

"There's nothing I can do!!"

Heh, seems everyone leapt to the wrong conclusion for once. The collective is great.

That was really good!

A good thriller can be fun to watch now and then. I'm more of a comedy guy, though.

If you don't get why he's suddenly surprised here, you weren't paying enough attention to the description of his girlfriend.

But, um... sweetie?

Remember, she was supposed to be 'petite'... as in, not bigger than her boyfriend is.

Ah ha ha ha!

...This reaction shot had to be in here. Apparently, Hamtaro and Bijou are worried for her.

George loves her as she is, though.

It's great to see these two reunited, don't ya think?

Also... Nothing says "it's ok" like belly-bumps, it seems.

That's why I'm so happy to be with, Hamtaro!!

(I think Bijou forgot the 'you' in that sentence. )

Anyway, yeah. Let's leave these two lovebirds alone.

But as soon as we leave...

Hey, Hamtaro!

Let's get back to the Clubhouse!

Oh, right! That was our twentieth drop of love! There's practically no space left in the love meter... So, let's go!

The game is kind enough to transition us automatically... into a new cutscene.

Oh, really?

Mmm, now this bit is important. The screen fades to white here, so we can get our third proper cinematic... Couples gives us a look at all the hamsters we've united over the course of this LP, and it is highly recommended viewing.

Go ahead. I'll wait.

Oh-hoh... We know what that means, right?

Tee hee!♥

You two got rid of that rascal, Spat, and saved all the couples.


Hehehe... Yes, indeed.

Hamtaro and Bijou are our twenty-first couple; the final drop of love in our meter, turning it into a glorious rainbow.

...example for everyone!

Ah, aren't they adorable?

Harmony flies away downstairs, and our heroes... They're embarrassed.

Hee hee...♥

Mmmm, alright then. Let's head on down.

Although she and Boss are standing in the middle of the room this time, their conversation plays out exactly the same as it always has.

For saving all the couples, we are rewarded with the power of song~♪

We still have things to do, though. Now that we've gotten four of Harmony's Ham-Chats, it's time to do something with these postcards over here.

Fill out the postcard there and send it in.

New Ham-Chats, you say?

Plagiarism time! Harmony totally won't mind us taking credit for her work, right?

Here you go, buddy. Go lure Kafei out of hiding or something.

Here I go!

See you later, Postie.

Of course, by 'later', I actually mean 'as soon as we've exited and re-entered the Clubhouse'.

Sweet! Also, it's not one prize...

...but rather four prizes! That's all four of the keys we were missing!

Naturally, this means it's time to go rock-gathering. We've already seen Sunny Peak's purple pedestals, so...

The treasure island cave of Sandy Bay hides a blue room.

(New gems, too!)

Fun Land's broken toilet stall conceals a suitably icy locale.

Boo Manor's basement is home to a rather oddly yellow room.

There's a blazing red room deep in the Wildwoods.

And of course, we've already seen some of what Spat Tower's cave looks like.

There's a hidden passage to see, though...

And of course, this garish green shrine in the back.

As well as the last of the regular gems, we've now found all six of the precious five-star gems. Let's go give them a good rubrub.

Having a full love meter unlocks the ultimate polishing technique, which makes gem-hunting considerably quicker. Instead of polishing a rock up to five times, we're lucky enough to just do it all in one go!

Our rewards are truly unique; while each of these gems has two accessories that can be made from it, you can only have one copy of the gem at a time, even if it's being 'used' like that. You can't have both accessories at once.

Still, we'll get into accessories in the bonus update. For now, there's only one more place we need to visit.

Sandy Bay's island, home of the dizzying dance contest! Since we have the hulahula Ham-Chat from Wildwoods, we can now win the B Class competition.

Doing so will impress this particular hamster into teaching us our second-last Ham-Chat!

It contains some classic action poses.

As for the A Class competition, a quick visit to our helpful friend here will clue us in about needing a song for our routine. Basically, this means that you have to fill the love meter before you can do this successfully.

As always, a look at the competition itself is available if you can stand listening to Dizzy for You. I choose to make a mockery of our opposition by almost straight-up copying their dance.

The important part comes after that, though. We have a couple of visitors!

Winning the dance competition is no easy task!

At times like this, Harmony would have thought up a perfect Ham-Chat for the♥ situation♥.

Oh! Ohhh... Heh heh! Actually, I just learned this one myself!

Well, of all the things we could say about Harmony, we certainly can't claim she's unimaginative.

That's not to say that all of her ideas make sense, though. I don't know what Hamcheer is about.

Your Ham-Ham Dictionary is full of Ham-Chats!

Still, that's the last of the Ham-Chats. Eighty-six special words for ham-hams (and ham-fans) to try out... And as a reward for collecting all of them, the scene now cuts to the final cinematic: Ham-Hams. Watch, enjoy... and then scroll down for the final piece of dialogue.

Hmmm, Ham-Jams are kind of fun... and we collected all ten, too!

I want to make some unique accessories!

Heh, we'll get to that in the bonus update, Bijou. No worries.

With 100% of couples, Ham-Chats, Ham-Jams and gems, I'd say this was a pretty complete showing of what this game has to offer.


I'm just not going to comment on that.

I would like to say thank you, though. Thank you to Quillpaw for her graciously volunteered trivia and bios, which added a valuable aspect to this LP I would not have been able to provide. Thank you to those who contributed fan art, and to all who posted in the thread. Each one of you made this into a happy, wonderful experience, and I am immensely grateful for that.

And thank you, dear reader. I hope you enjoyed this LP, and that you'll join me again, whenever the next adventure begins.

Bonus video:

Nobody's gonna read the bonus update, so I had to say that stuff now.