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Part 27: Bonus Update: A dedicated follower of fashion.

Bonus Update: A dedicated follower of fashion.

Hey there, everyone! Welcome to the bonus update, where I'll be showing off those last few things that couldn't find a place in the rest of this Let's Play. Commentary will be very light, but I hope you enjoy the pretty pictures.

First of all, we're going to go on a quick tour of the various Ham Boutiques. This is going to be a very .gif-heavy section, so I apologise if this page takes forever to load.

We're going to go in order of accessibility, so let's see what Sunny Peak has to offer.

...As you may notice, the items offered by a boutique are often taken from a bunch of different sets. Even ignoring the unavailability of accessories until the postgame, this fact makes visiting the Photo Studio before Spat Tower is open rather pointless.

Next up, Sandy Bay!

Since it isn't immediately obvious, I should mention that the Coin Purse is part of Bijou's Japanese-themed set.

Fun Land!

In case you're wondering, the GBA is an oddity among boutique items in that it doesn't belong to a set.

Boo Manor!

It's kind of curious that the game would offer two different styles of spacesuits... Of course, this is so that Hamtaro and Bijou can both wear one.


Oh, right! You should note that all items are gender-specific; Hamtaro can't wear the Fancy Wig, and Bijou can't be a Shogun.

Last but not least, Spat Tower!

Ah, there we go. Those are the last of the store-bought items... So now, we must move into the more custom side of things.

Seeing as there are enough gems and accessories to make a mid-sized update all on their own, their images have been put into the SSLP Test Poster for those who wish to peruse them.

Gems, displayed in the game's own ordering.
Note: The picture above is an example of the small description and map you get for pressing A on the gem-viewing screen. ...I literally only noticed it while making this bonus update.

An A-Z of Accessories.
Note 1: The image above shows that an old hamster will randomly appear in the accessory shop after you find your first five-star gem, offering one of the two possibilities for that gem. DO NOT let him work on any other accessories, as there is a chance he will fail and waste the gems you gave him.

Note 2: This may or may not be all of the accessories available. I tried many, many times to make some of these appear, as some of them are very rarely offered (the HM Earrings and Monkey Anklet in particular). I'm fairly confident I found them all, but it's hard to be certain.

Alright, lastly on our Ham-Ham fashion primer: The Photo Studio itself! The process is simple; talk to Seamore inside the studio, pick up to three items each for Hamtaro and Bijou to wear (only one from a given category, of course), and then...

Pick one of two backgrounds! You can save up to six photos, and replace the start menu background with one of them if you so choose. Exciting.

Sadly, some of the gem-based accessories are rather difficult to see... You may end up being disappointed with your purchase, I'm afraid.

That about does it for the bonus update... There are a few .gifs that didn't make it into any update, showing a couple of funny things from Sunny Peak I didn't know about at the time. Thanks go to Pyrotoad for pointing these out to me.

That's all I have to say, and all there is to show. And with that, this Let's Play must sadly come to a close. I hope you'll enjoy this one last-

Bonus video:

A test of memory.