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Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak

by Yapping Eevee

Part 28: Meet the Hams! Part I + Ham-Chats

Meet the Hams!

First up is our wonderful, adorable protagonist, Hamtaro!

Gender: Boy
Birthday: August 6
Star Sign: Leo
Height: 8.6 cm

Hamtaro is the unofficial leader of the Ham-Hams, always willing to go off on an adventure to help out his friends or get attention from his owner, Laura. He can be a bit clueless at times, but he's got a good heart.

Next, we met Boss!

Gender: Boy
Birthday: September 21
Star Sign: Virgo
Height: 12 cm

While Hamtaro is the unofficial leader of the Ham-Hams, Boss is the one who founded them in the first place! He's a field hamster, and so he has no owner, but he does know a lot about nature and the outdoors. He tries to act tough, but he's a big softie at heart, especially when it comes to Bijou, on whom he has an absolutely massive crush.


Gender: Boy
Birthday: January 14
Star Sign: Capricorn
Height: 8.5 cm

There's not too much to say about Snoozer. He serves as a Deputy under Boss for the Ham-Hams, but does absolutely nothing in the way of actual work. He is pretty aware for someone who sleeps all the time, occasionally offering good advice to the other Hams.

And that's everyone we met in this update!

The Hams use Ham-Chat in the show as well, just not to the extent we see in the games. While the games use them as a sort of hamster lingo, the show makes them seem more like the hamsters are speaking their sound effects out loud. "Hamha!" does become a greeting later in the show, and "hif-hif" is of course sniffing. Interestingly, the Ham-Chat for digging is not "digdig" but "diggi-duggi" (which I think sounds much cuter ). There are also a few that don't show up officially in the games- "ticky-ticky" for walking, "patapata" for running, and "krmpkrmp" for eating.