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Part 35: Meet the Hams Part IV

Finally I can feel useful again!

Meet the Hams Part IV!


Gender: Girl
Birthday: September 16
Star Sign: Virgo
Height: 7.3 cm

Pashmina is incredibly sweet and is a combination mother/big sister figure to the rest of the Hams- particularly to Penelope. She loves pink things, especially scarves and other soft clothing items. Howdy and Dexter fight over her constantly, which she finds a little off-putting, but her patience knows no bounds.


Gender: Girl
Birthday: March 3
Star Sign: Pisces
Height: 6.2 cm

Penelope is the youngest of the Hams- too little to even talk yet. She communicates only in variations of "ookwee!" and "ookyoo!". She's incredibly shy always hiding under her yellow blanket and sticking by Pashmina, who is like a sister to her.

Elder Ham

Gender: Boy
Birthday: ??
Star Sign: ??
Height: ??

A very old hamster. He sleeps a lot. The Hams often go to him for advice. Sorry, but that really is all there is to him.

Penelope Minus Blanket