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by Yapping Eevee

Part 36: Elder Ham's Tale + Sprites

I see you share my tendency to finish off a Ham-Jam with lovedove.

Anyway, I've got two little pieces of trivia today!

First off,
Elder Ham's Tale

Elder Ham reprises his role from Ham-Hams unite, where he tells an old tale to give the Hams a clue on how to progress. This time around he uses the tale of two wives. The original tale is two women go to King Solomon each claiming a child is their own and demanding custody. Solomon, in his wisdom, proposes that the two cut the baby in half, so that each would have custody over half the child. One of the women was mortified at the thought of so gruesomely killing her own child, and refused. In doing so, Solomon proclaimed her the true mother.


Pashmina's sprite is not a simple reflection during that battle over Penelope. Take a look.

The Pashmina on the right has the knot of her scarf showing, while the Pashmina on the left does not.
A lot of the charm of this game is little details like that.