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Part 39: Meet the Hams Part VI + Ham-Hams Unite! Part V

Oh boy oh boy I'm useful again!

Meet the Hams Part VI!


Gender: Boy
Birthday: February 18
Star Sign: Aquarius
Height: 8.5 cm

Howdy is a real wiseacre, he can crack off an awful joke or groan-inducing pun at a moment's notice, and tends to do so at the worst possible moments. He's fastidiously tidy and has a head for numbers despite what his hick accent would have you believe, and he's never seen without a clean apron. He and Dexter are eternal rivals for Pashmina's affection.


Gender: Boy
Birthday: October 11
Star Sign: Libra
Height: 8.7 cm

Dexter is a gentleman through and through, always looking dapper and ready to show off share his plethora of knowledge. His owner is an optometrist, and he loves the soft cloths used to clean glasses, but he doesn't have a pair of his own- they're just markings! He and Howdy are eternally fighting for Pashimna's heart.

I don't have any good trivia related to this update, so I'm going to go back and give some trivia I forgot when it was relevant!

Ham-Hams Unite! Part V(?)
Hamtaro and Bijou's little victory cheer at the end of our boss fight reminded me of something!

This cute little animation, from waaaay back when we first teamed up with Bijou. That's a reference to the first game! Every time you met with a Ham-Ham and got them back to the Clubhouse (united them, you could say), the Ham and Hamtaro would do a very similar animation for this one, culminating in a unique victory jump from the ham in question before they headed back to base.