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by Yapping Eevee

Part 41: Meet the Hams Part VII! + Cappy Minus Cap

Meet the Hams Part VII!


Gender: Boy
Birthday: August 6
Star Sign: Leo
Height: 7.7 cm

Cappy is a very shy hamster, but he's always willing to try new put on his head! Cappy does in fact love caps, including things that probably aren't caps at all- like the large red saucepan he likes to hide under. He tends to seek out and cling to role models, which is probably why he stuck himself to Spat so quickly. Normally he looks up to Boss, and his independence as a field hamster (Cappy hates being spoiled by his owners).

Cappy Minus Cap

So I couldn't find any pictures online of Cappy without his cap...
So I scanned my guidebook for you guys!