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Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue

by Yapping Eevee

Part 11: A seashore study on safety.

The festival did turn out quite well, despite a couple of little mishaps along the way. Certainly a fun little change of pace.

Exactly, Panda!

I’ve gotta say the best part was easily the Taiko drumming! I mean, all the hamsters came there just to watch me play the drums!

Sabu was really talking about Hamtaro, not Boss!


Some parts of these ingredient-adding scenes may all run together, but I’ll never get tired of Bo disrespecting Boss. Especially since Boss makes most of it up…

OK, then! Let’s go ahead and make a rainbow color!

Of course, you all know the drill by now.

Eh heh heh… heh… Although in that case, it kind of makes me wonder if this spell is endo- or exothermic. How much does rainbow magic follow the laws of science?

OK! We’re doing so well! Let’s go find the other colors!

At any rate, we had some fun at Tip-Top Fair, but it’s time to get back to the search!


We are here to talk about the remaining ingredients. And so, Bo, if you would fill us in.

Thanks to everyone, there are just two ingredients left! And those are indigo and violet.

I have a question! What exactly does indigo look like?

Indigo is a color that’s perfect with each and every other color!

And just why is that, Howdy?


Dowa ha ha! Oh, ha ha! That was hilarious! Mighty hilarious!

That was a Geop-level pun. What a punster…

Can we continue with the meeting?

Put simply, it’s like a darker version of blue.

It’s like the color of the ocean!

The color of the ocean is a very pretty indigo!

All we need to do is get water from the ocean! Easy as seeds!

Uh… First of all, what’s with that animation? Second of all…


Oh, the Ham-Hams already partied up. Guess we’re going to the seaside!

Going to an aquarium generally benefits from being awake, Snoozer. As for Hamstarr’s Horoscopes, he actually offered up the exact same one as before the festival, so we’ll give that a miss this time around.

I’d say to pack your bathers, but we all know the Ham-Hams don’t swim.

So we just go get some ocean water and go home, right?

If we go straight ahead, we should find the ocean.

Let’s go right now!

Hmm, something seems slightly off here. Oh well, let’s chat up the nearest hamster.

What are you doing, mister?

The beach has gotten so dirty. If someone would get together and help clean up…

How did it become so dirty?

Mm… When visitors come here, they don’t clean up their garbage.

Then let’s all clean up together!

I’m all for it!♪

Ookwee! Ookwee!!

It’s settled! Let’s help get rid of all the garbage…

Ho ho ho. You’re all good kids. And all good kids get rewarded for doing good things. However, make sure that you don’t drop any garbage along the way. The waves will pick it up and make the beach even more dirty.

This has been a public service announcement. Thank you all for reading. ()

All right! Let’s throw it away!

As you can see, the garbage scattered around consists of a collection of crumpled cans. Might as well clear up a bit of room to move while we’re here.

There’s also this little dilemma to take care of.


It looks like it’s in trouble.

Maybe it can’t get up because it’s flipped on its back?

I’m sure that’s it! It looks like it’s in pain.

OK! Then leave it to me! I’ll save the turtle!

Since Boss is a pretty strong Ham-Ham, it’s not too hard to keep the meter in the right place even if you have exceptionally poor timing like mine.

There’s not much to be seen on the screen behind the toppled turtle, unless you want to pull up Carrobo for some sticker roulette. (Really, why would he try and hide at the beach?)

Heading further down the beach leads to another three cans, and a second struggling turtle.

I, uh… I may not have had my priorities in order.

Still, at least we got ‘Sleep Tight’ for our good deed. Hamtaro looks so tired.

Let’s help it!

Possibly from taking a turn at flipping turtles! It seems that Hamtaro is close to as strong as Boss is, if this minigame is to be believed.

We just need to get some of the water!


This water isn’t colored!


But look! The water all the way over there is indigo, right?

If we get water from somewhere else, will it be colored?

Maybe. Let’s try looking in a different area!

Well, I suppose we might as well keep looking around. And there seem to be some more hamsters right beside us, so let’s get chatting.

...Wait a second. I recognise that earring.


And the rest of the Ham-Hams.

What are you doing in a place like this?

Well, just when I thought I was really gonna do some surfin’... my board totally floated out to sea. Now I can’t find it. And so I’m havin’ my friends help me find the darn thing.

I know! We’ll look for it with you!

Duuude! I’d be so totally grateful!

Dudes, I’m totally counting on you!

Of course we’d find our old pal Broski at the beach! He may not have been of much use back in Ham-Ham Heartbreak, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help him out. And speaking of helping things out…

OK! I’m gonna come to the rescue again!

I can do it, too!

Hold up, everyone.


Have you forgotten?

Mm? Are we forgetting something?

What could it be?

Who cares? We need to help the turtle.

Umm, ladies… there just happens to be another strong Ham-Ham in your presence…

...Ice cold, Pashmina.

Though she’s not exactly wrong, because Stan’s meter depletes way faster than Boss or Hamtaro’s. For someone with less-than-perfect mashing skills like myself, you have to get the meter to stop just about at the top.

Like so. I’m not gonna lie… This one actually took over a dozen tries due to poor timing on my part.

I’m tired.

Well, perhaps you shouldn’t have been so eager to show off.

But...why were they all upside down?

Looks like they were flipped over by the nasty hermit crab.

If we don’t cross by the hermit crab’s place, we’re stuck.

Hmm. We have to find a way to cross!

In case you were wondering, this is the nasty hermit crab they’re talking about. Only after righting all three turtles can we challenge this crusty crustacean for safe passage down the beach!

There’s a slight wrinkle to this one, however. It functions like the lily pad games where we had to dodge frogs, but…

Hamtaro doesn’t stop! There has to be an opening for him to run all the way through, or you’ll fail. The crabs are incredibly uncooperative, to the point where the earliest reliable opening I’ve found… when the timer’s half way drained. There’s no time bonus though, so it’s just a bit of waiting.

At least the sticker we get for this game is somewhat appropriate.

With an opening found in their defences, the hermit crabs disappear and let us continue unassailed.

This screen is pointless, though it does allow me to point out that the seeds around here are all in very small quantities. Not sure if that’s a matter of luck, or intentional design.

All the same model, too.

Who are you?

Hey, hamha. I was just fishing here. I like boats, so I hop in my boat and go fishing all the time.

Cruising in your boat? I’m so jealous!


What is it?

I...I...I’d like to give you a boat as a p...p-p-p…

A p-p-p…?

Hey, you guys also want a boat? Well, if you have a big board, I’d be able to make one!

A big board… Just you wait, Bijou! I’ll find a big board somewhere on the beach!

Sounds like fun! Let’s follow him!

We had better make sure he doesn’t get into any trouble trying to impress Bijou, yeah.

Also, these sailors are blocking the way forward anyway.

As we try to go back, we get a cutaway to the waves washing something else onto shore.

And of course…

Hey, Hamtaro!

Don’t you think this would make a nice boat?

But Boss! It’s too small! It would only fit one Ham-Ham.

Huh? There’s a name written on it.

Let’s see… … Broski?!

This has to be the surfboard Broski was looking for!

You know what, readers?

He just might be right. Nice nod to continuity there! (We’re seeing the other side of the board right now, which is why the stripe goes the other way.)

Boss found the surfboard!

Totally thanks, Boss! Now the girlies at the beach will think I’m wayyyyyy cool!

We need to look for stuff for our boat.

Mm? What, dude? You are looking for boat materials?

That’s right!

Dude, a huge board totally drifted that way. You better go check it out. See ya!

Later, bros. Totally.

Broski was right!

We should be able to make a boat now!

OK! Let’s carry it!

Alright, let’s get this back to the hamster with shades and see what he can make out of it.

OK! I’ll give you this mast! Let’s make it now!

...Well, at least the price was right.

It’s done!

Mmmm! Ain’t she a beauty? Well, I’m off to fish the world with a good buddy!

He’s gone.

Seemed like a pretty cool guy, all told. Though I think he might have the better boat.

With this… With me…

If you’re not gonna use it, I’ll take the girls with me!

Haha, wow. Boss is gonna be pissed.

I like it!

But...I’m sure Boss is pretty angry.

Are you sure?

Yes, I’m sure! Anyway, let’s just enjoy the boat for now! OK! I’m gonna go faster!

Aw yeah, time for more Mode 7 goodness! There’s a whole bunch of candy out here, but you have to balance collecting it with grabbing the heart-shaped buoys, because those grant you more time on the clock. Miss too many hearts, and you won’t make it to the end of the course. There’s a video of it here, though you could be a lot less cautious than I was with this minigame.

Rrrrr! STAN!

Huh? Oh no, something’s gone wrong, hasn’t it?

Something’s gone very wrong indeed!


Big Brother!


This is terrible! Bijou and the others will be swallowed up by that whirlpool!

Broski must know what to do!

All right! Let’s go see Broski and ask him for help!

Yeah, about that…

It’s terrible! Bijou, Pashmina and Stan are drowning! We need you to help us out!

Huh?! But...uuh...I’m I...can’t swim.


Hamtaro should really know this from his last encounter with Broski, but there’s also what he said earlier.


Well, just when I thought I was really gonna do some surfin’...

While it could be interpreted otherwise, I’d say Broski meant surfing for the very first time! I’m afraid that Broski is once again unable to help someone at risk of drowning.

The turtle said it would take us to Bijou to repay us for helping them earlier!

Great! Thank you, turtle!

Hang on, guys! We’re coming to save you!

Time for some Super Shell Surfing!

Take ‘Raft Race’ and add in a few balloons you have to jump up for, and you’ve got this minigame. Fortunately, Hamtaro can’t miss landing on the turtle again. There’s another video, because I think these minigames are pretty nifty.


I was so scared!

Hamtaro, thank you.

I’m glad you’re OK! But don’t thank me. Thank the turtles!

That’s right.

Oh? It’s saying something.

It’s saying that they’ll be around. If we want another ride, we can just call them!

I understand. See you next time.

Because of what you did… everyone almost drowned!


Just so long as you learned your lesson! Now don’t do such stupid and dangerous things anymore!

OK, Little Sis.

Well, Sandy was mighty quick to forgive her brother on that one.


I’m glad everyone is safe.♪

OK! Got ya! I’m on my way right now!

All right! Let’s get goin’!



Alright, let’s hurry on over there!

You can’t go over there.

But Bijou is waiting! We don’t have a choice! Let’s go, Oxnard! Penelope!

Wow, go Boss. Trying to tightrope walk with such an unbalanced load can’t be easy! And there’s even a couple of bees to harass Oxnard and Penelope as they get swung about violently over a drowning hazard.

You’ll have to find a board and use it to get across.

After we cross over to the boat, we have to set up a few bridges to reach the pier. It doesn’t seem to serve much of a point.

Hmm, a storehouse you say? Sounds like somewhere we should poke around.

...Or not. I suppose we are supposed to be in a hurry anyway.

Let’s just head up north like we’re supposed to.

Looks like there’s an aquarium nearby.

Well, we don’t have time for that right now!

Quite right! Besides, the game wouldn’t let us do anything there if we tried…


Yes! Yes, I’m fine, Penelope.

I’m really sorry, everyone.

Boy am I glad that everyone is OK.

We didn’t have time for that.

That’s true.

Hmm? Why has the turtle returned?

Thank you very much!♪


What is it, Hamtaro?

It looks like the turtle will take us to the other side! Now we can get water from the other side!

...Other side of what? Is it gonna kill us?

Bijou, what’s wrong?

You too, Pashmina?

Can’t really blame them, can you?

What do you mean?

Someone’s eager to head right back into danger, though.

How about if just the guys left?

We can’t let something bad happen to the girls!

OK! I’ll go, too!

Then we’re going!

And with that, the boys depart in search of the elusive indigo water. See you all next time, folks!