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Part 13: Pun Level - Red

Oxnard’s predictions usually come true! Right, Penelope?


If it’s OK, how about I predict your future, Hamtaro?

Bleah! I don’t believe in any of this!

Playing outside is much more fun! Right, Howdy?!

That said, I’ve got things I need to do. See y’all later.

Hmm… Curious.

And with that, most of the guys file out, leaving Oxnard and the girls to their fortune-telling.


They did what?!

Let’s try hard, Penelope!


That’s what they said.

We didn’t exactly do a great job at the beach, did we?

No way! I can’t let it end with me looking bad! Oxnard, where did Bijou and the girls go?

Hamstarr Manor, a mansion that just opened recently. I predicted that the last ingredient is there somewhere.

Alright, it’s time for this game’s manor! I guess people must have liked exploring Boo Manor in Ham-Ham Heartbreak.

Also, even with Howdy and the girls absent, we have exactly enough Ham-Hams left over for a full party. How convenient!

Enough Ham-Hams that actually move, that is. Well, since we’re going to see his house, might as well get one more fortune from Hamstarr himself.

Difficult homework is in your future. Don’t wait. It might be really tough. Check it over before you start.
The second luckiest one for today is...Sagittarius. Get your friends to trade cards with you. You might get a sticker for it.♪
The luckiest one for today is...Aquarius. You’ll make progress on your homework. Get ahead of everyone today!
Today will not be very good for...Gemini. You could end up wasting your money. A bag with a pocket is your lucky item.

Well, let’s go find the girls!

...Hamstarr is clearly eccentric. Guess being a fortune teller on TV earns him a lot of seeds!

Pretty swanky lobby he’s got here. And who’s this mustachioed gentleham?

The shifting stars are a nice touch, too.

What are you sayin’? I’m mighty certain you haven’t seen me before!

Something’s fishy here. Are you perhaps…

Then I’ll prove I really am a fortune-teller!

Yee haw! I see that what you are lookin’ for is behind that door. A prediction can come true or not. Well, I’m goin’ now.

...That was interesting. Let’s see if the mysterious fortune-teller’s prediction comes true!

Boy am I glad you’re safe. We were all worried about you.

But I’m not goin’ to hand over the girls!

That voice…

Heh heh! The fortune-teller was only a disguise!

I’ll tell puns, and we’ll “ketchup” on the day’s events...forever!

Gasp! What kind of vile fiend would do such a thing?



I won’t let you get away with this!

Man, this Red Punster sure is “hamming” it up.

And apparently he escaped into the void of space…

Ah, it’s the owner of the manor! The mighty and mystical one himself…

It’s Hamstarr!


Do you mind? I’m meditating… Hammmm hmmmm.

Have you seen Red Punster?

... If you can answer my questions, I’ll tell you.

Hamstarr’s questions form a simple memory game, going up from one gem to four. They’re all distinct enough that you shouldn’t have much trouble remembering the sequence.

That’s a very familiar looking lamp…

When you’ve overcome your problems, you’ll find what you are looking for.

Well, that was suitably vague. Let’s just keep going and catch up with that dastardly villain!

Now, I’m about to .gif the begeezus out of this scene, but here it is in video form as well.

Ah! You’re…

You know, this somehow feels a little bit familiar.

So, yeah… That… That was a thing that happened.

And it was amazing.

Okay, what fresh new madness is this?

Hello and welcome. It’s time for a pop quiz! Tonight, we have a special for you! It’s a match between the Ham-Hams and the Puntaros! Let’s check in with the Ham-Hams and see if they’re ready!

Is this going to be one of those pop quizzes where we have to pick the right dresser again?

Nope, turns out it’s multiple choice trivia! There’s eight questions chosen from a random pool. Today’s questions were:

“What instrument does Jingle play?”
“What is the color of Cappy’s cap?”
“What was the name of the detective in the school?”
“Who appears when you use a walnut?”
“What is the color of Pashmina’s scarf?”
“What were Hamtaro and his friends looking for at Flower Ranch?”
“What kind of animal was eating a carrot at Flower Ranch?”
“What does Penelope like to say?”

You should know the answer to all but question #4, and that one isn’t hard to guess! It’s Jingle. If you answer a question correctly…

...but if you get one wrong…

Well, a little mud never hurt anyone.

Look! Over there!

But if you think you can “hamper” us any more, you’re wrong! And so, we must make our exit. Good-bye.

Well done, Puntaros. Still, I suppose they are still getting away…

Time to take another rocket sled in pursuit!

The game is a glorified quicktime event with inputs of left, right and A; however, the nice background makes it pretty enjoyable.


Hey! You! Get your paws off of Bijou!

Are you sure? I’ll let go of her!

Oh, no! Don’t let go of her!

What do I care?

Wake up, Bijou!

I’m not gonna forgive you for this!

Look closely, Boss! It’s only a doll!

Why don’t you two play dolls in there?

Boss! Stan! We’ll save you!

Then bring two Ham-Ham medals, and I’ll let you play.

Hmm, we’d better find those medals and get our friends out of this fiendish trap.

...Those are kind of creepy.

Red medal. Blue medal. There are two medals. Hammmm hmmmm.

The TV in the next room provides a small hint, as will some of the others we see throughout the mansion. They’re not too helpful, but at least it means more Hamstarr.

...Well, that was easy.

Love? Life? Other worries? For the one who worries, we have a special low price in honor of our grand opening!

The TV up on this ledge is just advertising. It’s kind of surprising that Hamstarr has a whole TV network of his own, though. Guess it explains why his show’s always on.

It would seem that these medals weren’t very well hidden.

Other fun stuff such as pictures and sticker mats! Those with a flyer will be offered special items. Interested? Go ◄ from here to reach the Hamstarr shop.

Ah, of course there’s a gift shop.

The picture on sale, appropriately enough, is called ‘Crystal Ball’.

I’m not going to mess around anymore, so just help me!

We can’t leave those two in there!

Oh yeah, we should probably actually use the medals now that we have them. I guess.

Getting Boss and Stan out of the crane machine is actually very easy, simply because they do you the courtesy of standing still when the crane starts coming down. And not squirming about like in that Mario Party 2 minigame…

Anyway, where did the Puntaros go now?

They ran that way!

Let’s follow them, Hamtaro!


Let’s just keep this well away from Boss, shall we?

Heading through the door takes us back to the main room of Hamstarr Manor, where the Puntaros made their introductions. There are eight different exits from this room, and we’ve only used three of them. (South leads to the entrance, north is the Space Slider.)

The room is vertically symmetrical, with one exit on the raised platforms on either side and two more in the lower corners (in the south and east/west walls).

The north-west exit is a no-go at the moment, it seems. Crossing over stars… Do we need sacred feet for that?

The lower westerly door has Carrobo’s hiding spot for this locale. Come to think of it, there hasn’t been a single real carrot since Ticky-Ticky Park.

Oooh, sparkly!

Bring me four Ham-Ham dolls, and I’ll let you pass.

Just so long as you don’t do anything weird with them, bud.

Speaking of weird, here’s Boss as a genie. With a transparent version if anyone wants it.

Back in the main room, the lower exit on the east wall just leads to a bunch of sunflower seeds, and a TV… that tells you to look at the TVs for hints.

The door right beside it brings us to another sticker, and the only open path we have that leads somewhere new. Since we know where the Puntaros must be… Let’s take a break. Tune in next time for the thrilling conclusion! Same ham time, same ham channel!