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by Vlaphor

Part 11

The meat plant certainly looks sanitary. Let's go inside and see what's what.

Inside we find one of the workers who asks Steve about his dad and why he hasn't shown up at work. Some more discussion and then Steve asks if he can bring some meat home.

Now it's off to the lodge to hand the application to the master at arms.

A quick video.


and that's the end of day one. I'll be back tomorrow for some more fun-filled adventures of Steve, but before I go, I'd like to show you a quote from the back of the jewel case. However, since my digital camera is dying, I'll just type it out.

Harvest...population 51

It's a nice little place, where the fields and the people are carved into pleasing shapes.

The Lodge would like to remind you, gently and lovingly, of a self-evident fact for which they will not be blamed.

You can't stay in Harvest without becoming a Harvester.