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by Vlaphor

Part 12

Day 2 in Harvest. The people in the house have nothing interesting to say, so let's just grab the newspaper by the door and head out. We give the paper to Jimmy and also give him the sneakers we got from the evidence closet.

Off to Gein it is.

Open the broom closet with the key and what do we find?

Take a photo using the camera that I got from the evidence closet but forgot to mention.

Sounds like a fair enough trade.

Now that I have a good weapon, it's off to the lodge.

So, in order to get into the secret, ultra-dignified lodge that everyone in town looks up to, I have to key a car. :confused:

Off to the Johnson residence it is.

Nice little place.

Target acquired..but I can't get at it while Mr. Johnson is there.

That might be an idea. How would I get in there....of course, the sewers. But without a manhole key, Steve can't do anything. Maybe there is something at the post office. Steve heads there on a whim.

Aha! A little oralube from the Pottsdam medicine cabinet should loosen it up. Comes right out.

Then night falls on Harvester.