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by Vlaphor

Part 13

Before we head to the Johnson residence, let's go to the graveyard. Those are always fun to walk around at night.

Just your average looking graveyard..except for

Hey Mr. Pottsdam, what're you doing here?

Nope, nothing unusual there. Let's just take the pack of matches on the ground and head to Johnson's house

Just pop in the ol' manhole key and head down.

Hmm. The sewer is surprisingly clean.

Smash that with the shovel. Creates a small hole in the wall and now for a few nondescript rooms.

and here we are. Before we get to business though, let's take a look around the garage and see what there might be to steal.

I have no idea what that means, but ok. Let's check the tool bench.

Usable for what? Of course!

and with the task done, our brave hero heads back to the lodge to report on his success.

"Doesn't sound so bad. I'll do it."

and so ends another day in Harvest, with the exact same video clip that ended the first day.