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by Vlaphor

Part 14

The start of day 3 in Harvester. Let's see if anyone has anything to say about the car being scratched last night.

Anything else happen while Steve was asleep?

"Did she get lost...or did someone abduct her?"

I wonder if Mr. Pottsdam would know anything. He was out late last night burying his cat.

"What did the note say?"

Hmm. He seems somewhat unsure of himself, plus Mother never mentioned a ransom note. Let's head back to the graveyard.

That bench wasn't there before. Let's move it out of the way.

There's where the cat was buried, although I don't remember the Pottsdam family having a cat. Let's dig it up...what's the worst that could be there.

There's Karin! What was she doing in there.