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Part 16

Not that much of interest at the general store, but let's get the pipe wrench and electrical tape.

Now what should be Steve's next move is to look around the firehouse...except that it's full of fireman. Now what would make fireman leave a firehouse?

A fire! Or at least a fire alarm like the one in Gein memorial.

activate that and they come rushing out in their unique firetruck

back to the fire station

Before I go inside, I might as well steal the fire axe and the ladder from the garage. Now I'll try to get in..but fail. They locked the door behind them. In that case, I'll go ask father, see what he thinks, maybe even get that meat slip signed.

Since the door to dad's room wont open, Steve will have to break into his own house.

I do have a phillips head screwdriver, but it can't be that easy. Lets take a look inside first. Maybe use the dolly from Mr Johnson's garage to move aside the cabinet on a whim.

Hey, how about that. An alarm system. Turn that off.

There's dad, lying in bed.

"Does she know you're in here"

"I'd like that"

[ Screenshot Missing ]

Well, there is one reason.

Take the signature back to the meat house, get the meat, and night falls on Harvest.