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by Vlaphor

Part 2

Forgot about one more video. The first mention of the wasp woman.


First place for Steve to head is next door, to the Pottsdam residence, home of the girl he's supposed to marry.

Inside he finds he finds his soon to be father-in-law, a man who likes meat, meat, and...something else that you'll see later.

"I've lost my memory"

Let's talk about Stephanie

What about this wedding

What about this Lodge

...and then he talks about how I should go meet the undertaker and how meat is so important for America. However, any attempts to go upstairs are met with..

Time to head to the kitchen to meet my future Mother In Law.

"You look just like my Mom...

"What is the charity supposed to benefit?"

Time to go meet my future wife.

Three doors. I'll go in the closest one first.

Got the bathroom by mistake. Oh well. Let's see what's in the medicine cabinet.

Quite a few things. I'll just take the Asprin, vitamins, cough medicine, ora-lube, and tampons. I'm sure they wont mind. Off to door #2.

"Those people?"

"No one believes I have amnesia either"

(she mentions that women can't join the Lodge, but that she's been told to try to get you to join)

Then she mentions how she doesn't think the Lodge is just group of mason-type people, a few discussions on how there probably wouldn't be anyway to stop the wedding. Nothing else much to do in this house, so I might as well leave...except there is something in the bathroom I wanted to double-check first. A portrait that looked out of place.

Activating it slides the picture right out of the way.


I'm good. Off to explore the rest of the town.