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by Vlaphor

Part 22

Off to the mortuary

Steal the ledge..because it's there.

After a long and uneventful talk with the mortician, we learn that he is the one to benefit from the bake sale. See, he's also the owner of Harvest's only hotel and whenever a hobo/transient stays there, they die for some reason and prepping the corpses is having a severe impact on his profits. That he also gets mad if you try to take his glue.

Let's look in the back of the mortuary.

Let's take a closer look.


Steve is getting such a clue from this. Better take a picture

Let's see what the mortician says about the photo.

"Is that a threat? I've got the goods on you, not vice versa!"

"Glue, huh. Alright, it's a trade"

I got a thing of glue, he gets to keep killing. Oh well. Off to the Sargent at Arms to get my final task.