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by Vlaphor

Part 32

Just some shotgun shells and a scythe. Both worth taking.

Any type of switch nearby.

Hitting it unlocks the door.

Weird walking monster, goes down easy with a melee weapon. Anything else in this room?

Also a baseball bat, and some gum balls for health.

Off to the next room.

Weird green slime room, with something making bubbles underneath. Don't know what it is, probably don't want to. Just toss it a body part from the kitchen.

and run to the other side.

Just your standard filthy bathroom. Only thing in here worth checking out is the pesticide on the locker.

Leave the room, toss the other body part to the bubbles and run across the bridge again.

Use the weed killer on the plant.

and let's take a look in the fountain.

Somewhere in this fountain is a key. I'll let you try to find it.

Grab the key, now where to use it?

Looks like a good place

...and what's inside?

More fighting.

However, when you do climb it, you hear a female scream.

and we made it to floor 2 of 3.