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by Vlaphor

Part 37

(I just had to redo a small section, and this time I decided to fight the clown with the scythe. This is how he died.)

Entering the room.

"I'm looking for a girl named Stephanie"

Ok. I have the Kewpie doll.

Off to the double doors. Kewpie key unlocks them.

Take both of the flags and head in back.

Grab the two wooden planks and head right

Grab the one wooden plank in this room. Examine the chair for a fun description. Head right.

Time to fight the...whatever

Take the lighter fluid and go out.

On the wall are two masks.

These can be rotated.

I'll rotate the happy mask four times and the sad one seven times.

Secret passageway opens.

Leads to a laundry room.