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Hi everyone, and welcome to the Let's Play I said I would do 3 months ago, but have only just gotten around to solving the technical issues for a video intensive game such as this.

Harvester was developed by DigiFx and released by Merit Studios in 1996, generated some controversy, and then quickly faded away. Reasons...it's not a very good game. The puzzles are ok, but the game tries to shoehorn combat in as well and does it very poorly. The story isn't interesting and the acting is just ok. So why am I doing a Let's Play for such a bad game? Gore. This is probably one of the bloodiest, goriest games ever made, or at least that I've played. That aspect of the game is what I will be concentrating on.

I've seen alot of people asking about this game, and I've finally gotten around to doing it, so Let's Play Harvester.

Here's the intro and title sequence


As of right now, all we know about the game is what the intro has shown. A quick search around the room reveals very little, except a dresser that can be opened.

Nothing much besides a quarter and a pen, which the hero takes

Leaving the room, our hero sees...

Heading north into the kitchen our Hero finds...

Hero: You're my mother?
Mother: That's right, though sometimes I get treated like the hired help around here.

H: I don't remember you
M: Of course you don't, until you need your socks washed.

H: No, you don't understand! I can't remember where I am or even who I am.
M: Land's sakes! Stop your joshing, wont you? Honestly Steve, I thought you'd grow up a little after graduation. I only hope that new job will plant your feet on the ground.

H: So, that's my name? Steve.
M: Your name will be M-U-D Mud young man, if you don't stop teasing me.

H: Listen... this may sound strange... but I've lost my memory. Do you believe me?
M: Well, you always were a kidder Steve.
H: I'm serious!
M: Sure, and next you'll be telling me you don't remember Hank or your little sister?

I should point out now that this game has tons of dialog, far more than I could ever type...plus, not much of it is interesting. So, in some cases, I'll just tell you what the general gist of the conversation is and if there is anything important to tell, I'll be sure either show the screenshot or type it out.

In this case, conversing with Mother will lead to a mention of a girl name Stephanie.

You can also ask about Hank

or about the town, "Harvest"

With nothing else to do here in the house, Steve decides to leave and see what the town of Harvest is like.


Walking out to the living room, Steve tries talking to Hank to see if he knows anything, but Hank is too busy watching his show.


Steve is about ready to leave when he sees a pile of news papers on the side of the house, taking one, he goes outside and sees a small boy near the door.

Steve hands the kid the paper he just picked up.

The kid mentions that he would be willing to do a trade for a pair of sneakers, but Steve doesn't have a pair he can give away right now.

He also hears about the newspaper office burning down. For now though, Steve decides to explore the town.

...and that'll be about it for the first post. This will be quite a different Let's Play than my previous one, due to the large amounts of dialog, the different videos that I'll be showing via Youtube, and the fact that during the first Let's Play, I was on vacation. I'm off work tomorrow, so I should be able to get a good more amount done. At least the first day.

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