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by ProfessorProf

Part 2: *Hyun-ae, day 1 - Status report

Voting results:
*Hyun-ae 22, *Mute 7
Resentful 1, Friendly 3, Flirty 22
He 1, She 26, They 2
1988 2, 2027 2, 4989 21

According to the research of fellow goon Mokinokaro, the "favorite year" option does not, in fact, change anything. It's possibly part of a feature that was cut later in development. Thanks for your input, though!

Anyway, we seem to be continuing from the first ending of the previous LP: An old lesbian who romanced a homicidal robo-teenager. Old Space Lady is back!

BGM - Vision

Oh no, oh no, oh no, geeze. I'm so sorry.
If you're saying something to me, I can't hear you at all!
Oh geeze... I'll explain, I'll explain!
Um, so... well! I tried installing that advanced dictionary you got for me!
...and, uh...
...well, I couldn't get it to work.
Even the builds that were supposed to be fine just kept giving me an 'architecture not supported' error! I don't know why!
So I tried to recompile my language processing functions so I could support it, but I don't really understand how AIs work very well, I guess... anyway, um, what I'm trying to say is...
...I guess I sort of just broke it more.
Like I said before, if you're saying anything, I can't hear you! And every time I try to run an English->Korean translation, it just comes out as nonsense!

It's like before, when I was back on the Mugunghwa and I couldn't parse what you were saying.

We've graduated to three-way conversation wheels!

You can actually get a bit of an idea of how she's going to react to each reply - her expression changes as you mouse over the different options.

Thanks... I'm glad you understand.

That's a relief... I don't know what I'd do if this was permanent.
Well, I waited over six hundred years to meet you, didn't I?
Three days? That's nothing!
Anyway! There's something else you should know!
While I was looking through my code, trying to debug my damage, I found a big block of data that I thought was garbage.
It's not garbage, though! It's data! For some reason, it seems to be embedded in my source... I'm not really sure why. It's not part of my memories, it's in the actual machine code, for some reason.
Um, the important thing is, though... I think its log files from the Mugunghwa!
They have datestamps on them, and they seem to be from before the year 0. Well, I can't actually read them without extracting them, but that's what the index says.
It's really exciting! "What happened in year 0 that made everyone forget?" was always the big mystery to me... maybe these will explain!
Here's what I'm thinking... maybe we can't communicate, but we could still go through those together!

Yay! That's wonderful! Let's investigate them together!
Let me explain how this will work, then.

Very well... um, I don't really understand this myself very well, so I'm sorry if I get some details wrong, but...
Basically, uh... the core AI code is designed to make it really difficult for AIs to make copies of themselves. So, if I just copied all that log data out, the recompile script wouldn't work at all, since it would detect the duplicated code...
...which means I'll have to copy them out, delete the parts that are actually in my codebase, then recompile myself.
But I don't want to delete more than a few at a time, because I'm scared that I might make a mistake!
So I'm going to be super careful! No more than six files at a time, and my script's going to triple-check that I'm not deleting something important my accident!
It'll be way slower and probably take up a lot of power, because the virtual machine you're running me in is pretty inefficient, but...
...well, better to be safe, right?

I told you so!
Well, the important part is, we'll have to extract them a few at a time.
Um, I think I used up most of today's power up running debugging, though... we'll only be able to do a little bit. But there's always tomorrow!
Anyway, I'll let you decide which log files you want to extract first.
Then, we can read them together!

And here's the first glimpse of my new HUD, but *Hyun-ae is trying to get my attention!

Right, very well... it's a little bit like on the Mugunghwa; I'll use that as an indicator that I want your attention!
Well, that's all. Just click on me if you want to talk in the future!
Anyway... let's get back to investigating together~

OKAY, the new HUD. A lot of information on here, but the important bits are the time remaining until we reach Earth (3 days), the current date (the day before the Lunar New Year), the power reserves (25%), my inbox (1 unread), and the *Hyun-ae buttons at the bottom.

Let's hit up that unread, for starters.

One email, from Wong Robotics.

RE: hardshell inquiry

I'm guessing *Hyun-ae picked this model out.

The same five outfits from before are all available. To recap:



The Pale Bride's hanbok,


and Scientist.

If I disable *Hyun-ae, I can run an emergency diagnostic to make sure she's functioning well, or I can extract new messages.

The latter brings me here.

There are a lot of files in here, and I can only pick six at a time. Furthermore, each log file drains 2% of my power while compiling - when I run out, I'll have to let it recharge overnight.

Where to begin...

I'm going to break continuity a bit to help you folks make a slightly more informed decision about which logs we choose first. Here's our blocks:

Block M1 is about sex, power and politics.

Block M2 is about sex, marriage and art.

Block M3 is missing.

Block M4 is about politics, education and betrayal.

Block M5 is about marriage, science and unfairness.

Block M6 is about the final days of the old regime and the death of *Mute.

While I can pick any six files I want, I'm going to simplify the voting by going block by block. Now, choice time!

1. Shall we begin with block M1, M2, M4, M5 or M6?
2. Shall we have *Hyun-ae dressed as a schoolgirl, a maid, the Pale Bride, a detective or a scientist?

Voting will continue until Friday.