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Part 3: *Hyun-ae, day 1 - Let's crush a rebellion

Voting results:
14 Block M1, 1 Block M2, 9 Block M4, 1 Block M5, 1 Block M6
0 Schoolgirl, 0 Maid, 0 Pale Bride, 11 Detective, 21 Scientist

Block M1 with Scientist *Hyun-ae is the winner. That lab coat is powerful.

That's half our power gone. We'll only be able to do two extractions today.

BGM: Dream

Let's get started, then.

Let's crush a rebellion! - *Mute, Korean, September 13, 4038

A couple things are different from the Mugunghwa interface here.

First of all, I'm no longer presenting logs to *Hyun-ae after reading them - she's right there, reading them along with me. Also, some of the names are in blue. If I click on, for instance, *Mute's name...

We get a picture and a one-line bio! The bios will be expanded as we get more information.

*Mute certainly looked different back then.

I don't really see how that's a crisis... old, I wonder...


Updated bios:

Heo Seo-yeong


Miss Lim



Efficient and subtle - Smith, Korean, September 16, 4038

Eheh, I guess even back then she was a jerk...


...she was sarcastic to men? *Mute? Wow...

I don't really get it...

Wait, Ryu? As in... Captain and Emperor Ryu...?

Updated bios:

Reduced images indicate someone we've seen before, but who has a revised description from *Hyun-ae.




Heo Seo-yeong



Ryu Hyeon-su

Election Night - Heo Seung-bok, Korean, November 29, 4038

...oh, geeze! Does he mean her husband was doing...?

Wow... Seo-yeong is really scary...

Sounds intense...

You know, this Seung-bok boy seems a little awkward.

Updated bios:

Heo Seung-bok

He's... He's the one on the left.

More on that later.

Heo Seung-bok's father



These logs are much denser than the ones I'm used to. Half of this set down, half to go.