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Part 7: *Hyun-ae, day 2 - Good morning

BGM: Vision

I'm really excited... today is the first day of the Lunar New Year!
I finished making that new hanbok... I'm really proud of it!
I'll let you change me into my new hanbok, then we can proceed!

Do you really not have the ability to change clothes yourself?

Oh... well, then I guess I'll just have to explain as we go along!
So, tell me...

Ahh... thank you so much! That's exactly the sort of look I was going for! Cosplay is fine, but I think if it's something I can do on my own terms, dressing up nice with the woman I love can be wonderful too!
Anyway... let's start.
Normally, you're supposed to start off with putting out a bunch of ritual foods for your ancestors, and do some bows.
But, um, I don't really remember what they are. My family would handle that part.
Mostly, though, it's just... and maybe this is an awful thing to say, but... and I know it's something that my adopted family believed in strongly, but...

BGM: Ritual

If they were, would they really have let all those things happen...?
I don't believe it!

Thanks for understanding.
Now, let's move on.
The other really important thing I remember about the new year is that you're supposed to eat tteoguk!
It's a kind of soup! When you have it on new year's day, it symbolizes growing a year older!
It tastes like... well... uh...
...sort of a...
...I guess after 622 years, I don't really remember what any food tastes like.
Anyway, though, that's not what's important! What's important is that you count how old you are!
I remember what it looks like, at least...

Well, here goes...

...sorry, it's the first time I've done this in centuries, I'm sure I got something wrong.
But the important thing about rituals is just who you do them with, right? That's what I believe!
So, since this is the first time I've done this since I was alive... aheh, well, if this is my 17th time having it... that measure, that must mean I'm only really 17 years old!
That's definitely how it works! That's also what I believe!
Aheh... Well, maybe that's not a good thing to say if we're going to have a relationship together.
I'm just being silly! Honestly!
Well, anyway... I suppose we've wasted enough time with this, haven't we?
And I really wanna keep reading what we started last night, anyway!
Especially since... there were some pretty dramatic-looking things in that list, weren't there...?
Well, lead on, Miss Investigator! What better way to celebrate the new year than by spending it working together with you?

More power today. Looks like we'll be able to get through 21 more log files.