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Part 12: *Hyun-ae, day 2 - Unity Act

Vote results:
Block M5: 7
Block M6: 0

Time to wrap up Block M4!

BGM: Council

Lineage Act Amendment - Records Office, Korean, September 29, 4042

...I don't really get all this stuff about money...

At least try to pretend you care about this, *Hyun-ae.

Bureaucrat Class Act - Records Office, Hanmun, February 7, 4043

...really hostile...

I still don't get any of this... what are they talking about...?

I really don't get this boring stuff at all...

Unity Act - Records Office, Hanmun, October 5, 4044

...really intense... really seems like she believes strongly about this...

Wait... if she was worried about there being just one leader forever...!

Wow, shot down...

And that's the end of Block M4. What’s up, *Hyun-ae?

If this is what your job is normally like, I think it's really great!

Ah, me too! It's really great!
I just really like being able to do something together with you...
It's such a romantic thing, casually spending time with the person you love...
And, um... hey, Miss Investigator, I think you're really cool! Traveling through space, solving mysteries...
I can't wait until we get back to Earth. Doing footwork, interrogating people, being out there in the world...
I never would have dreamed, when I was stuck in the women's quarters of an aimless spaceship, that I'd end up like this!
So that's why I want to continue to be your sidekick!
When I keep reading about all these people from just 300 years before when I was alive, it reminds me a lot of my original time.
...but it also makes me feel like I'm completely unprepared to get by in a society like that.
And that's just a difference of 300 years!
So I think I could learn a lot from being an investigator like you, from being your sidekick!

Ah... that'll be really nice, won't it?
I wanna see what it's like! To see flowers, and seasons, and weather, and that sort of thing...
I'm so excited!
It's all so much more exciting than being a housewife!
...and a little bit romantic, too...
Um, anyway... I guess I should probably stop distracting you from doing that job, now!
To figure out the whole story about what happened to the Mugunghwa in year zero...
...let's continue to work hard together!