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by ProfessorProf

Part 13: *Hyun-ae, day 2 - The Research Problem

Warning: The subject of sexual assault is very present in this update. If that makes you uncomfortable, it may be a painful read. Lord knows it is for me.

I've got mail!

Please deliver the AI - John Kim, Korean, February 19, 4989


BGM: Science

Grandmother knows best - Kim So-yi, Korean, March 21, 4039

Oh! She's an engineer! That's nice...!

Yeah! That was exactly what I wanted to grow up to be like, too...! She understands...! to say "no," huh...

Ah, well, that's nice of her...

Updated bios:

Kim So-yi

Kim So-yi's Grandmother

Mr. Pyeon

Kim So-yi's Grandfather

A curious word - Kim So-yi, Korean, October 5, 4040

That's nice, but... I still don't get what "silence requirements" means...


Oh my...

Aw, they sound like a cute couple... I'm happy for them!

Updated bios:

Kim So-yi

Pyeon Nae-mun

Kim So-yi's Grandmother

The Research Problem - Kim So-yi, Korean, December 16, 4040

I don't know, I'd really like it if someone touched me like that...

Whoa! Really? I mean... I remember, that was a really big problem in my time...!

...oh no...!

...oh, geeze, So-yi...

...this is horrible! I can't believe I said... that's really horrible!, it's not her fault, why does she think that...

...that sounds so scary...


...he's such a good man... I'm really glad she had him.

Geeze, that's such a scary situation... I wouldn't have been able to deal with that...

Updated bios:

Mr. Han

Research Chief

Time for our last extraction of the day. It'll only be half-size, but--

I'm just going to make it so that one gets included in the extraction. I really want to read it!

At *Hyun-ae's insistence, The Death Of *Mute, last log in Block M6, has been added to our last decryption set for the day. We have enough power to extract two others.

Should our last two logs be...
...A continuation of Block M5?
...The beginning of Block M6?
...The two logs Preceding The Death Of *Mute?

Vote over the weekend.