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Part 15: *Hyun-ae, day 3 - Cake!

BGM: Vision

Given the stuff we did yesterday with boring stuffy ritual food, I was thinking, maybe today we could do something more fun!
You know what I'm thinking?

Before we go back to investigating, let's spend some relaxing time eating cake together, Miss Investigator!
Um, the thing is, I don't really remember what it tastes like, either...
...which is really sad, actually... it used to be my favourite thing to eat! fact, the day before I was frozen, the last day I got to spend with my real family... my mother made chocolate cake for me.
It was so good! The best in the world! That's my last memory of my original time, eating homemade chocolate cake with my mother...
...but I can't remember what it tastes like at all! Isn't that awful?
Don't worry, though! I've got a plan!
We can just get you to bake one, and I can experience it vicariously through you!

Shit yes let's do this.

So you'll do it, then? Thank you so much!
Right! Well... there's two recipes I can give you. One's my mother's recipe! The other's one that's so simple, any otaku could do in a microwave.
Or maybe you already have your own chocolate cake recipe? Well, let me go into more detail, then you can tell me which you'll do!

So... um, you should go down to your kitchen and check for ingredients.

If I click "yes" too early, then *Hyun-ae won't believe me, and won't be satisfied until I actually go over to the kitchen and check. It's kind of annoying!

Great! Those are the most important ingredients!
Well, now that we know that, let's figure out what recipe you'll be using.

If I pick Simple:

Very well! There's no shame in that! When I said "any otaku could do it in a microwave", aheh, I was thinking of myself, really...

I'll just pull up the recipe for you, then, and you can just click on the button when you're done!

If I pick Complex:

Ah, yay! That's exciting!

I'll just pull up the recipe for you, then, and you can just click on the button when you're done!

If I pick My own recipe:

Um, very well... I'll trust you!

Very well! I'll wait for you! Just click the button when you're done!

Okay, thread, let's bake some fucking cakes. Starting now, a contest is in effect.

Here are *Hyun-ae's recipes:

There will be three categories: Otaku Cake, Real Cake, and Original Recipe.

The best final cakepictures in each category, to be evaluated in terms of comic effectiveness, successful cake production, creativity with the format, and secondhand embarrassment I feel when I look at them, will be immortalized in the LP. For the Original Recipe category, the impressiveness and complexity of the recipe will also be factors, but I'll go ahead and award a forums upgrade or new avatar to that winner.

To best honor *Hyun-ae's memories of her past life, all original recipes must be for chocolate cakes. Unfortunately, since we all live in different parts of the world, taste could not be made a factor in my judgment. If you don't feel like baking, but have some artistic talents, this would be a good time to dish out some cake-themed fanart. I'll record the best of those in the next post as well.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your ovens!