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Part 16: *Hyun-ae, day 3 - Cake, cake!

Technically, this isn't true. However, several brave volunteers did, through whom I will cake vicariously, just as *Hyun-ae cakes vicariously through me!

More on them in a moment.

Yay! That's so exciting!

BGM: Cake

Eheh, eating cake together with the woman I love...! Oh, I know! Do you have a camera? If you do, you should take a picture of us together!

Make sure you get your cake in the shot, too!

Okay, let's take a look at our victorious goons.

A Pinball Wizard posted:

But I can't just show up like this! I have to dress up for a date!

Finally ready. Soon, *Hyun-ae-chan, we will be together, sharing so much more than cake...

A Pinball Wizard is the winner in the Otaku Cake category. Not only did he dress up for his digital date, but the final picture is framed and lit for the maximum possible levels of loneliness.

Viola the Mad posted:

TEA PARTY!!!!! It was tough bringing my good friends Mr. The Wire and Mr. Life on Mars all the way out to Nowheresville, Space, but it was worth it.

Hyun-ae, you’re the best imaginary teenage AI love interest that a girl could ask for. I wanted to get dressed up in a hanbok for our family picture here, but, uh, I kinda don’t own one. So I wore my finest only cosplay instead.

Viola the Mad is the winner of the Real Cake category. In addition to the exhaustive photographic documentation of her baking process, I couldn't say no to the tea party with The Wire Season 3 and Life on Mars.

For the Original Reciple category!

Noisycat posted:

Let's mix the dry goods all over the place!


I didn't frost it, but here you go!

An honorable mention to Noisycat for the adorable collaboration with an intrepid co-chef. However, the winner is...

Breadmaster posted:

Decorate the top as you'd like, I prefer the look of spokes of a wheel myself. Now comes the boring part: put it in the fridge overnight so it can set. Yes, much like our investigations, we have to wait before we can have our cake.


I think she likes it!

Breadmaster! Between using an authentic Grandma Recipe and producing a truly mouth-watering cake as a result, you are the winner of the contest.

Thanks to everybody who participated. Your consolation prizes are internet immortality for anyone who has Archives, and a deep, overpowering feeling of shame. An email containing the winning photos has been sent; if there is a response, I will quote it here.


Ah, that's perfect! How lovely...

Ahhh... right! I remember now, I loved things that were really sweet! They're the best! Mmm... lovely...
I remember now... I remember the taste of a cake that was nice and moist, and so sweet... it's the best taste possible!
...oh, geeze, that sounds a little bit dirty, doesn't it? Sorry...!
Thank you so much for humouring me! I know you put a lolt of work into that, more than you usually would, so...
I really appreciate it! You're the best!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
It's thanks to you that I can remember one of my happiest memories...
...and aaaahhhh, this is so lovely, I'm sure I'll remember this moment forever, too!
Thank you so much...
I feel a lot better now!

What's that, computer waifu?

I realized that... you know how there were a lot of files that just looked like junk data?
Well, I think they're actually just encrypted with the same key that *Mute's last note was.
As far as I can tell, it's a whole block of log files about Oh Eun-a...
Anyway, I'm nervous to read them, but... I just thought you should know.

Block M3 has been unlocked.

So, it's time for another double vote!

First: What should we read next?
Finish up Block M5?
Get the rest of the background on Block M6?
Dive straight into the new logs in Block M3?

Second: What should *Hyun-ae be wearing during the second set?
A schoolgirl uniform?
A maid outfit?
The Pale Bride's hanbok?
A detective outfit?
Back to the scientist outfit?
Stick with her own hanbok?

Voting will continue until Wednesday.