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Part 18: *Hyun-ae, day 3 - Burned evidence, burned feelings

BGM: After

Burned evidence, burned feelings - Oh Mi-seun, Korean, June 14, 4042

Oh... that's really sad...

I guess Eun-a wasn't always like that...

What time of month does she mean by "that" one...?

Oh no...

She's lucky to have someone who worries about her so much...

Queen Consort - Oh Eun-a, Korean, September 24, 4043

I just... don't get it.

...that sounds like something my mother would say.

Being an emperor's consort really isn't as romantic as she thinks...


She's wrong! It didn't solve anything! It just made things worse!

Suicide Note - Oh Mi-seun, Korean, February 17, 4045

Updated bio:

Pyeon Mi-seun

And we're out of logs again.

Now, things are a little erratically laid out here. We have six logs left at the end of Block M5, six logs left at the beginning of Block M6, and three logs left at the end of Block M3. In this batch, we can pick up six logs.

So, shall we...

Finish Block M5?
Finish Block M6?
Finish Block M3 and continue a bit of Block M5?
Finish Block M3 and continue a bit of Block M6?

Since we're ultimately voting on which block to jump to from here, I'll be pooling those last to categories in terms of determining the first Block I extract from.