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Part 25: *Hyun-ae, Alternate dialogue day 1

Voting results:

Schoolgirl: 0
Maid: 5
Pale Bride: 2
Detective: 1
Scientist: 0
Hanbok: 2

From the top!

Here are my stats for this playthrough. As a mechanical aside, *Hyun-ae has two invisible scores, for annoyance and affection (internally called Tsun and Dere). Flirty sets them to 6-0, Friendly to 6-6, and Resentful to 0-6.

I've never gone non-binary, so let's see how that goes.

Game begins as before.

Now to start being a jerk!

Geeze, you don't have to be so harsh... it hurts me, too!


You're just being mean, right?
Stop taunting me like that!
I'm really upset by this! That's not something to taunt someone with... geeze... Why would you do that?!

And back to the normal script.


Please... this is really important to me. Maybe it could explain something... I think I really need that.

Very well... it just really means a lot to me!
Let me explain how this will work, then.

Very well... that's what I thought.

And the rest is as before. I guess I can't get out of reading the logs.

Correct outfit selected, time to get to extracting. Just gonna go ahead and go in order.

As far as I know, there's no unique events for changing up the order of the logs - The Death Of *Mute will always be stuck decrypting until the end of day 2.

Oh yeah, I never hit this before, did I? Let's see how *Hyun-ae's doing.

Simple enough!

Now it's on to some log sifting. This isn't super interactive, so I'll skip over it.

After the first set of Block M1 logs.

"No" just cuts the scene short, so that's boring.


The whole long sequence about kissing and touching each other's hair is absent on this run, regardless of my answer.

Oh... well, maybe it's just because of how long it's been for me...

Oh... well...
I guess if I'm stuck here, behind this screen, forever, there's no point dwelling on things I can't have... let's just get back to investigating together, then.

Second and last set of logs for day 1!

Two logs into M2.

Yeah... me neither... it's so surprising!

The third option is another boring "end the conversation early" trigger, so to heck with it.

Ah, well...
...if it's talking about it with you, I'm sure that's fine...

And so forth for a bit.

Ah! I see!

HEY. How dare you police my gender identity!

Anyway, as for me, it's...

As before.

And at the end of day 1.

Much like a number of the more minor choices presented, this only changes one line of dialogue, regardless of what you pick.

Next time: Day 2, and maybe a bit of Day 3!